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What if Anxiety Recovery Isn't Possible for ME?

Recently, a listener asked me a question about last week's podcast episode. After sharing some info about my personal journey with agoraphobia, they asked "So, you've never experienced full agoraphobia?". Honestly, after reading this question I immediately felt hurt (even though I knew this person didn't have bad intentions). And it's not the first time I've received a message like this.

I understand why they said what they did. When we are the one that is struggling and facing the hard things, it can be painful. And it can feel like we have it the worst. After all, we're the ones living it, which makes it the worst for us. And when we're struggling, it can be easy to compare our journeys to those others are on.

When we put energy into comparing ourselves to other people, it can be easy to get caught up in the stories we tell ourselves about why we can't recover. And ultimately, this is where our conversation ended up. This person expressed interest in my program, Panic to Peace, but they ultimately don't believe that anxiety recovery is possible for them.