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Self-Compassion: A Great Tool for When the Others Don't "Work"

Is self-compassion a tool you've heard lots about but have sort of always shrugged your shoulders at? Yeah, I used to, too! But self-compassion is one of the tools that helped me the most in creating a healthy relationship with anxiety, and with myself. And Kimberley Quinlan also had this similar experience.

Kimberley is an anxiety and OCD therapist and specialist. And in this conversation, she dives into the power of self-compassion, and she shares some exercises for how to start practicing it. And don't think this is just an episode where she shares exercises for how to speak more kindly to yourself, she also shares that practicing self-compassion is hugely physical, too!

In this episode, we dive into:

- What self-compassion is and the benefits of practicing it