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Freedom From Toilet Anxiety

A 90-minute masterclass that teaches you how to say goodbye to the fear of not making it to a bathroom in time!

Does this sound
like what you're
struggling with?

- When you feel anxious, you typically experience digestive symptoms like nausea, stomach pains or cramps, diarrhea, the urgent need to use the bathroom, and the list goes on!

- Your biggest fear is peeing or pooping your pants.

- You avoid going places or doing things if you know a bathroom won’t be nearby.

- You constantly scan and check for bathrooms.

- You use the bathroom several times before leaving the house ‘just in case.'

- You bring an extra pair of clothes with you ‘just in case.'

- You avoid riding as a passenger (in cars, buses, trains, planes), or you avoid riding with others for the fear that people will witness your biggest fear happening.

Psst! You don't have to continue struggling with the symptoms, the what-ifs, and the debilitating fears. And overcoming them doesn't have to be so hard!

In this masterclass,
we'll dive into 10 lessons:

01. Why you're struggling and releasing shame

03. Big contributors of toilet anxiety

05. Getting away from safety behaviors

07. Anticipatory anxiety

09. What to do after moments of anxiety

02. The gut-brain connection

04. Changing your response to your thoughts and feelings

06. Your diet & food sensitivities

08. What to do in moments of anxiety

10. Some helpful tips and gentle reminders

This class is for you if you struggle with any of these thoughts/feelings...

#1: “I feel like nobody else struggles with toilet anxiety and worrying about not making it to a bathroom in time!" I've worked with HUNDREDS of people (women and men) who have struggled with this debilitating fear. And I struggled with toilet anxiety for years! You are absolutely NOT alone. In this class, I'll help you to overcome the embarrassment and shame that this fear carries.


#2: “I've tried everything and NOTHING has helped!” Maybe you putting all of your focus on fixing this fear is what's creating a lot of the problem. I'll teach you how to stop searching, trying, and doing, and I'll show you what will actually be helpful for you in overcoming this fear.


#3: Is it IBS or anxiety?? Yeahhh, this can be pretty frustrating, huh? Like, do I have actually stomach issues, or is it “just” anxiety? I'll help to give you some clarity so that you can let go of this question that's ultimately just keeping you stuck.

#4: “I know that I need to stop making everything about how I feel and where the nearest bathroom is, but it's so hard!" Been there! I'll show you how to approach the hard stuff in simple and practical ways. And I'll show you how to do it without adding more overwhelm, pressure, and anxiety onto your plate.


#5: "I just can't live like this anymore!” If this is you, I'm glad (obviously not glad that you're struggling) that you're ready to stop allowing anxiety and the symptoms to rule your life. It's time you take your power back and actually live! And in the class, I'll show you how to actually start living while letting the healing happen along the way. I promise, it doesn't have to continue to look the way it currently does for you!

Freedom From Toilet Anxiety will help you to...




you'll have the knowledge of what to do when the thoughts, symptoms, and fears pop up so that you can start responding in a healthy way and actually experience the relief and peace you're fighting for.



& stop feeling like you're fighting your mind and body every second of the day and you'll instead start to feel safe within yourself and your body



actually get in the car, go to work, go on trips, go to restaurants, without constantly being focused on your stomach and whether or not there's a bathroom nearby

Wondering if what I share is actually helpful? Take it from people who have learned from me...

"I rocked at Disney!! Waited in lines, took the bus 3-4 times a day for 15 minute rides and drove 3 hours after eating! It was unreal! And of course two plane rides with my littles and lines without having to use the restroom was weird!! haha Thank you for your help!"

– Panic to Peace student

"Hi! I walked 10 miles yesterday in the wind and rain, totally a million percent off my safe zone. No toilets anywhere!”

"Just listened to your podcast episode where you opened up about toilet anxiety. You are I are the same person! Thank you for being so open. I am going on a 10 hour flight later this week and I'm only minimally anxious, thanks to the things I've learned from your page and podcast. Thank you so much!"

“Hey Shannon! I just wanted to let you know that I just got back from a 5 day family trip that was about 12 hours round trip away from where I live. I went shopping, ate whatever and wherever I wanted, and even had a few drinks. I didn't avoid anything and ended up having a great time. Toward the end I did have slight anxiety but it did not prevent me from enjoying my trip :) In the past I'm sure I would have still gone but I would have avoided almost all foods or anything that would make my stomach upset or anxious. This little trip reminded me of how capable I am.”

– Panic to Peace student


“This was such an amazing class. I was amazed that I'm not the only person that struggles with this. Shannon shared so many great insights, tips and tricks on how to manage this and get through it. It's exactly what a person struggling with toilet anxiety needs to take the leap to recovery. I have so much hope that I can recover and not have this burden of worry every time I go somewhere that I will need to use the toilet!"

- Colleen

What you get when you sign up...

- 10 lessons, 90 minutes, so much more peace, joy, and freedom!

- Lifetime access so that you can revisit it whenever you need to (including all updates made to class)

- Discounts to future classes, my signature program - Panic to Peace, and access to 1:1 coaching with me

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For so long I was convinced that I would always struggle with toilet anxiety.

After all, for years, every day revolved around how my stomach felt and whether or not I was going to poop my pants.

Going to work, going on dates, going on trips, taking public transportation… It all revolved around making sure my biggest fear never happened.

And I tried EVERYTHING to overcome toilet anxiety and NOTHING worked. Colonoscopies, EGD's, making changes to my diet, meditation, and the list goes on!

And after many years of trying it all, I tried something different. I let go of trying and I stopped letting everything revolve around my stomach and the bathroom. And I instead started focusing on supporting myself and just letting myself be.

And guess what… I said goodbye to toilet anxiety over 6 years ago! And now, I do all the things without thinking about how I feel or trying to make sure a bathroom is nearby (sounds unbelievable and crazy, huh? I know, I get it!).

But this freedom IS possible, and I want to show you how to do it without it being so hard or complicated, because it truly isn't!

You deserve peace and freedom from the symptoms & fears and to start actually LIVING your life!

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