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Freedom From What-If Thoughts

Let's get you freedom from your anxious thoughts and the symptoms that come along with them!

If you're convinced that you're just an anxious person, or a worrier, or an overthinker and things can't look differently for you, you're in the right place.


I'll show you that you can absolutely quiet your mind and experience the peace and freedom you deserve!

Do you feel like you're constantly battling lots of anxious thoughts that tend to start with... 'What if?'

Thoughts that sound something like this...

- What if I panic?

- What if I pass out?

- What if I can't handle it?

- What if I lose all control?

- What if something really bad happens?

- What if this isn't just anxiety?

- What if I go crazy?

- What if I die?

- What if I never get better?

And the thoughts are hard enough, but what makes them even more challenging is the feelings they bring...

Sometimes it all starts with a thought, but sometimes it starts with a sensation or symptom. Either way, what you ultimately begin fighting is how you're feeling...

Racing heart, dizziness, lightheadedness, weakness, depersonalization/derealization, feeling hot, numbness, tingling, shaking, and the list goes on!

And things probably look something like this...

- You feel like you’re constantly being bombarded by anxious and intrusive thoughts that lead to very real symptoms and even panic attacks.

- You experience lots of what-ifs prior to doing things (hello, anticipatory anxiety!), and also while doing things.

- You’re always jumping to the worst-case scenario and convincing yourself that the worst is going to happen (even though you know it’s really unlikely to happen).

- You worry ALL the time, even when you're just sitting at home watching TV.

- You feel like you’re going crazy because of the types of thoughts you’re having.

And let me guess... You've tried...

Journaling your thoughts, challenging your thoughts, meditating, breathing techniques, grounding practices, and maybe even twenty other things?

And some of these things have maybe helped a little, but no matter what you've found yourself continuing to struggle.

Trust me, I get it! Because this was me for YEARS!

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Hi, I'm Shannon Jackson!

My brain used to throw ALL of the intrusive thoughts my way on a daily basis... in every place and in every situation! It felt like the thoughts never stopped. And the thoughts most usually led to the symptoms and a panic attack.

I began to fear my thoughts because I knew what would happen once they began to take over.

And for over a decade, I was convinced my brain would always function this way. Buuuut, I was wrong!

Nowadays, I live my life without the worries, what-ifs, and fears. I no longer brace myself for the worst-case scenarios. I just live my life - with lots of peace and ease!

This freedom IS possible, and I want to show you how to do it without it being so hard or complicated because it truly isn't!

And I promise, I won't throw all of the typical methods, techniques, and anxiety "hacks" at you. I'll help you to experience freedom from your anxious thoughts without overcomplicating things or telling you to do more. Sound good?

In this 90 minute
masterclass, I'll teach you...

01. What's actually causing you to have lots of anxious and what-if thoughts

02. What gets you into trouble with your thoughts and what to avoid

03. How to respond to your thoughts and the feelings in a healthy way so that they stop showing up and causing so much chaos

04. What to do with specific what-if thoughts and how to get rid of them (with specific examples and practical ways to respond)

05. A couple of important (and must-have) tools for relieving anxious and intrusive thoughts and having an overall healthier relationship with anxiety

Here's what people had to say about taking this class...

Are you ready to...

- Wake up in the morning and NOT think... What if my day is filled with anxiety?

- Leave your house and not brace or prepare yourself for the what-ifs and awful symptoms

- Get in the car and just drive, or hop on public transportation and just get lost in a good book or music

- Go to your appointments without worrying days or weeks beforehand about how it's going to go (or if you're even going to make it there)

- Let your head hit the pillow at night and just fall asleep

Let's do it!

I attended your masterclass and I spent the entire day after that telling my partner how hopeful I feel, how motivated too, and how rare that is for me. You said the words I wish someone had told me 5 years ago because wow, I feel like things would look so different for me if I had that back then. Thank you again for the incredible masterclass!

Beautifully put together, great tips, knowledge and useful information. I couldn’t recommend this class enough to someone struggling with the same issues I struggle with.

- Hector

I absolutely loved it!! Gave me actionable tools to use and more importantly, it gave me HOPE! It really helped to reframe my negative thoughts! Thank you!

- Carey

It's the sort of thing you need to hear after being bombarded with tips on self-care, breathing exercises, types of meditations, types of workouts, sleep schedules, productivity techniques—Shannon gets it. I have been feeling so utterly exhausted by how slow my progress has felt, and this masterclass felt like I was being returned back to myself. I know that sounds dramatic but I mean it.

- Dariya

Here's what you get when you sign up...

- My 90-minute masterclass with Q&A

- Lifetime access so that you can revisit it whenever you need to

- Discounts to future classes, my signature program - Panic to Peace, and access to coaching with me

Still wondering if this class is for you? This class is for you if you struggle with any of these thoughts/feelings...

#1: “I have tried everything! Journaling, meditation, yoga, challenging my thoughts…Nothing has worked!" Yup! I get it. And these are things I WON'T be teaching you in this class. Instead, I'll teach you how to start approaching your thoughts in a healthy way so that you can say goodbye to the what-ifs and the discomfort they bring!

#2: “All I hear is to just accept your thoughts and they’ll go away. This is so hard!!” Yes, acceptance is a part of it, but it’s not all of it! You don’t just accept your thoughts away. Acceptance is something we’ll dive into in the class, but don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to do this without overcomplicating it so that it’s actually helpful and effective!

#3: "I’m filled with so many what-ifs before I do anything. It’s awful!” Ohh, good ole’ anticipatory anxiety. Gotta love it, huh? Joking! It’s the WORST! In this class, I’ll show you how to approach anticipatory anxiety so that you can actually get out there and do the things you want to and have to do, without it being so hard!

#4: "I can’t do exposures. It’s torture! My brain is constantly convincing me that terrible things will happen.” Ughh, I know this feeling! You’re facing the things but it’s so hard because your brain is constantly throwing the what-ifs and worst-case scenarios your way. I’ll show you simple and practical ways to respond to your thoughts so that your exposures are less hard.

#5: “I can’t stop worrying! I’ve always been this way. It’s just what I do" I used to think the same thing! I’m just an overthinker. I’m just a worrier. This is just how I am, or how my brain is wired. Yeahhh, I was wrong! I’ll show you why this isn’t true for you either, and how you can actually calm your mind and be more present.

This class will help you to...


stop just reacting to the thoughts when they pop up and instead get proactive so that the thoughts don't even pop up


create a healthy response to your thoughts and feelings so that your brain stops firing off intrusive thoughts night and day so that you can actually be present and enjoy your life 


actually get relief that sticks and feels like you can trust your mind and body again 

You deserve to experience life feeling lots of peace and freedom!

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