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Overcoming driving anxiety

A 90-minute masterclass that will help you to experience more peace and freedom behind the wheel, whether you struggle as the driver, the passenger, or a bit of both!

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Does this sound
like what you're
struggling with?

- You often think... "I used to love driving! I used to be able to drive anywhere! But now driving is so hard for me and I hate it."


- You often feel trapped or stuck while riding in cars, especially at red lights, or while in traffic, or in areas where there's no place to pull over.

- You are scared to experience the symptoms or a panic attack while driving because you're afraid of losing all control or something bad happening, like passing out or causing an accident.

- You don't drive far from home, or you only drive certain routes, because going outside of your safe zone is really uncomfortable.

- You avoid driving alone because you don't trust yourself, so you always make sure you have somebody with you ‘just in case.'

- You often avoid riding as a passenger or driving with others in the car because it makes you feel like you have even less control (or you don't want to embarrass yourself).

- When you get into the car, you make sure you have a water bottle, snacks, oils, gum, your emergency medication, or your safe person with you ‘just in case.’

- Although you experience lots of anxiety in the car, it's sometimes a safe place for you because it's a way for you to easily escape if you need to.

Now I want you to imagine...

- Getting in the car and not being consumed by anxiety and fear, or bracing yourself for a panic attack


- Dropping your kids off at school every day with ease


- Driving to the store and not mapping out your routes or constantly looking for safety points


- Going on that road trip that you've been wanting to take for so long


- Driving on the highway, jamming out to music, and actually enjoying it


I want this for you! And it's absolutely possible for you (even if you don't believe it right now)!

Overcoming driving anxiety doesn't have to be so stinking hard!

This class is full of simple and practical tips and tools that will actually help you to experience more peace and freedom behind the wheel.

And I promise, I'm NOT going to tell you...

- You just need to practice breathing techniques

- You just need to do more exposures

- You need to just get in the car and do the scary stuff

- This is just something you'll always struggle with, you just need to learn how to 'cope' and 'manage.'

In this masterclass,
we'll dive into 9 lessons:

01. Why you're struggling with driving anxiety

03. How to choose what to do

05. Practicing acceptance rather than resistance

07. Getting away from safety behaviors

09. What to do outside of the car

02. What to do before you even get in the car

04. Anticipatory anxiety

06. Panic attacks and your response

08. Changing the stories

This class is for you if you struggle with any of these thoughts/feelings...

#1: “I hate experiencing the symptoms and panic while driving! They make things feel so dangerous and they make me feel so out of control.”

The symptoms and panic attacks SUCK! They make things so incredibly hard. But in the class, I'll show you how to start approaching these things in a healthy way so that they stop showing up so much.


#2: "I've tried everything and NOTHING is helping! I'm doing all of the things and I always feel anxious while in cars."

Maybe you're doing too much. Maybe doing less is actually what will be most helpful. In the class, I'll show you how to do less and actually experience peace!

#3: Some days I'm good, and then others I'm SO anxious while driving!

Yeahhh, this can be pretty discouraging and frustrating. But I'll show you how to work through these moments without making them harder than they need to be.

#4: You know some of the things you have to do, you just can't bring yourself to do them.

Been there (many times)! I'll show you how to approach the hard stuff in simple and practical ways. And I'll show you how to do it without adding more overwhelm, pressure, and anxiety onto your plate.


#5: “I just can't live like this anymore!”

If this is you, I'm glad (obviously not glad that you're struggling) that you're ready to stop allowing anxiety and the symptoms to rule your life. It's time you take your power back and actually live! And in the class, I'll show you how to actually start living while letting the healing happen along the way. I promise, it doesn't have to continue to look the way it currently does for you!

Overcoming Driving Anxiety will help you to...




you'll have the knowledge of what to do when the thoughts, symptoms, panic, and fears pop up so that you can start responding in a healthy way so that they actually stop showing up



stop looking to everyone and everything around you in order to feel safe and you'll instead start to feel safe within yourself and trust yourself



actually get in the car feeling more confident and equipped to take the small steps and start LIVING your life!



What you get when you sign up...

- 9 lessons, 90 minutes, so much more peace, joy, and freedom!

- An 18 page tip guide to help you apply what you learn in the class

- Lifetime access so that you can revisit it whenever you need to (including updates made to class)

- Discounts to future classes, my signature program - Panic to Peace, and access to 1:1 coaching with me

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For so long I was convinced that I would always feel anxious and experience panic attacks while in cars, on buses, planes, and trains.

After all, I had experienced hundreds of panic attacks while driving, riding as a passenger, traveling, and just while trying to do everyday things like driving 10 minutes to work.

I tried EVERYTHING to experience more peace while driving and NOTHING worked.

And after many years of trying it all, I tried something different. I let go of trying and I instead started focusing on just letting myself be.

And nowadays, well, I drive with a whole lot of peace. I bring my daughter to daycare every day, I run errands, I drive far from home, I go on road trips, I take big and little trips, all without anxiety and panic tagging along!

This freedom IS possible, and I want to show you how to do it without it being so hard or complicated, because it truly isn't!

Ready to get unstuck, let go of the 'just in cases,' and create the safety within yourself so that you can experience lots more peace and freedom behind the wheel?

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