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Overcoming Airplane Anxiety

A 90 minute masterclass (with Q&A) that will help you to feel more confident about getting on the plane and actually experience more peace and freedom while traveling.

Getting on a plane in a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or next year? Or maybe you’ve yet to book your flight because you’re really anxious about flying?


 Awesome! This is the perfect class for you.

Does this sound
like what you're
struggling with?

- I want to travel so badly, but right now I can't even imagine getting on an airplane.

- One of my biggest fears is feeling trapped and stuck on an airplane and experiencing a ton of anxiety, the symptoms, or a panic attack. Like, what if I experience anxiety or panic the whole time??

- I used to get on airplanes and travel with ease, but now it's incredibly hard and I dread it, or I just avoid it altogether.

- I fly several times a year but I always experience so much anxiety on the plane and I'm sick of it looking this way.

- I had a really anxious moment or a bad panic attack on a plane and the memory of it replays in my mind and I convince myself that if I get on a plane, it'll happen again.

- What if I panic?? What if I have to go to the bathroom?? What if I have a medical event?? What if I throw up??

- I don't worry about the safety of flying (turbulence, etc.), but it's just an overwhelming fear of the anxiety I may experience on the plane.

- I worry about the safety of flying (turbulence, etc.) AND also the anxiety I'll experience on the plane.

Stop waiting until you feel ready or confident! Learn simple and practical tips and tools that will actually help you to book the flight and experience more peace and freedom while traveling.

In this 90 minute
masterclass, I'll teach you...

01. How to relieve the anxiety you experience before getting on the plane

02. How to relieve the anxiety you experience while on the plane and actually experience enjoyment on the flight

03. What to do with your thoughts so that they don't cause you to spiral and lead to the symptoms and panic

04. What to do when the symptoms or panic pop up, especially when you're feeling stuck or trapped

05. Practical steps that will help you to book the flight and actually feel confident (and excited) about it

06. How to get back to traveling and LIVING without anxiety holding you back

Overcoming Airplane Anxiety will help you to...


respond to your thoughts, the symptoms, and to yourself in a healthy way so that you can be on the airplane and not spiral about feeling stuck


stop looking to everyone and everything around you in order to feel safe and you'll instead start to feel safe within yourself and trust yourself


actually book the flight and get on the plane feeling equipped to face the anxiety, knowing and trusting that you are capable of working through the hard moments (and knowing it doesn't have to be so hard)

Still wondering if this class is for you? This class is for you if you struggle with any of these thoughts/feelings...

#1: “I feel so trapped and claustrophobic on planes. I can't even imagine being stuck on an airplane and experiencing the symptoms or panic attack." The symptoms and panic attacks SUCK! They make things so incredibly hard. But in the class, I'll show you how to start approaching these things in a healthy way so that they stop showing up so much.


#2: "I know that flying is safe, but I just don't want to freak out on an airplane, especially in front of a bunch of people.” Trust me, I get it! Nobody wants to experience a ton of anxiety or panic on an airplane (or anywhere really). And nobody wants to feel embarrassed by others witnessing it. But I'll show you how to stop fighting the anxiety and yourself so that you feel more safe within yourself and your body.


#3: “I'm worried about making it to my destination, but I'm even more worried about making it back home.” Yeahhh, good ole' anxiety! Thinking about how to get home before you've even gotten on the flight to your destination. In the class, I'll teach you how to approach anticipatory anxiety in a healthy way and how to stay present so that you can actually experience peace on the flight and enjoy your trip.

#4: "What if I have a medical emergency on the plane? I'm afraid I won't have access to help if I really need it.” Ohhh, the what-if's our brains throw at us. They're truly endless! I'll teach you how to approach these what-ifs in a healthy way so that they don't lead to the overwhelming feelings and prevent you from booking the flight.


#5: “I know that I need to just book the flight and give it a shot, but I just can't bring myself to do it!" Been there! I'll show you how to approach the hard stuff in simple and practical ways. And I'll show you how to take small steps without adding more overwhelm, pressure, and anxiety onto your plate. This will give you the confidence to actually book the flight and feel more at ease about it.

Wondering if what I share is actually helpful?
Take it from people who have learned from me...

What you get when you sign up...

- A replay of my 90 minute live masterclass with Q&A (and I promise, the replay is just as good as the live!)

- Lifetime access so that you can revisit it whenever you need to

- Discounts to future classes, my signature program - Panic to Peace, and access to 1:1 coaching with me

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I used to experience so much anxiety and panic on airplanes (and everywhere else, really).

I'd fight with myself to get on the plane. I'd fight with myself to stay on the plane. I'd fight with myself the entire flight.

You know that feeling when the plane door closes and you know you can't get off? Yeahhh, that would send me into full blown panic mode.

And from there, I'd worry almost the entire flight that I'd have another panic attack and I wouldn't be able to calm myself down.

But nowadays, flying looks NOTHING like it used to!

I've taken countless flights across the U.S. I've flown several times internationally (and with a baby and toddler). All with lots of peace and ease!

Sounds crazy and unbelievable, huh? Trust me, I get it.

But it's possible - and not just for me, but for you too! And I can't wait to show you just how capable you are.


“Shannon doesn’t focus on coping and actually gives hope and practical real life scenarios and tips on how to approach challenges. This masterclass was great! It answered my questions and gave me practical tips."

- Tania

You deserve to experience all of the adventures while feeling lots of peace and joy!

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