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The roadmap that will teach you how to change your relationship with anxiety and push past your anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears.

6-week course
with me!

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You might be wondering, Shannon, how is this different from your other courses?


Well, instead of taking the course on your own, I'll be live over the course of 6 weeks, teaching you the tools and guiding you through your recovery journey! This means that you can get your questions answered on the spot, and get weekly support from me and others who are on a similar journey as you.


We'll work together to push past your anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears so that you can start living the (peaceful and adventurous) life you want and deserve to live!


You're tired of this...

- Struggling with panic disorder or agoraphobia.
- Being consumed by anxious thoughts and fear.
- Fearing the symptoms and panic attacks.
- Always convincing yourself that you're trapped or not in control.
- Always anticipating the worst case scenario. 
- Struggling with being far from home, or going places alone, or being home alone, or driving, or being in public places, or going to work or school, or just doing everyday things.
- Struggling to do the things you want to do in life, and you want to experience more peace, joy, and freedom!

And you want this...

- To find freedom from the anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears.

- To not fear panic attacks or the symptoms.

- To go places and do things without worrying about what might or could happen.

- To go on adventures, and travel, and do things that you've always wanted to do.

- To experience lots more peace and joy!

Here's what you get when you join...

Live weekly lessons in my Zoom room! And if you are unable to join live, no worries! The sessions are recorded and accessible to you for life.
26 lessons that are available to you for life.
A 56 page workbook.
The tools, along with clear action steps that will help you to overcome your anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears.
A 1:1 session with me upon completion of the course.

Access to me and to others who are on a similar journey as you in my private Facebook group.
Facebook lives with me!


"The course gave me the tools and confidence I needed to do the things I've been scared to do. I was able to start driving again, and just allowing myself to sit with my feelings without running or trying to get rid of my thoughts!"

- Miranda

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Struggling to figure out how to overcome your anxious thoughts, symptoms, panic, and fears?

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