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What Helped Me Most Throughout My Anxiety Recovery Journey

I used to search for, and try anything and everything, that promised anxiety relief, ESPECIALLY if it promised quick relief or quick results! And although there are many amazing tools that will provide you with relief, the anxiety recovery journey is a journey. A journey that often doesn’t lead to quick relief or results.

Trust me, I know how frustrating this is to hear. Because you’re willing to work your butt off, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to live a life that consists of more peace and joy, but part of doing whatever it takes involves accepting some things that aren’t so easy to accept. Let’s dive into the things that helped me most throughout my anxiety recovery journey so that I can further explain!

Accepting that I was on a journey. This means accepting that it’s going to take a little time and hard work to push past the things you’re currently struggling with. You’ve likely been reinforcing certain ideas, thoughts, and fears for months or even years, and it’s going to take a little time and practice to undo these unhealthy pathways and create new ones. Accepting that you’re on a journey will help you to focus more on the things that will actually help you to overcome, and less time spent focusing on how long it’s going to take to recover, or when exactly it’ll happen. The small steps are truly what leads to healing, peace, and joy.

Accepting me, anxiety and all. This is so important. You are not defined by your struggle with anxiety, panic disorder, or agoraphobia. Sure, you might be struggling with anxiety right now, and it likely feels like it consumes every part of you, but your struggle hasn’t and can’t take away all of the amazing parts of you. All of the