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Meditation Hasn't "Worked" For You? Here's Why! With Emily Kessler

Have you ever tried to meditate and felt like you sucked at it or felt like it wasn’t helpful? Yeah, you’re not alone! Meditation is often a big recommendation when it comes to finding some relief from anxious thoughts, feelings, and stress, but how do you do it? And how do you do it and enjoy it? How do you do it and actually experience the benefits of practicing it? How do you become good at it? Trust me, I’ve had all of these questions myself!

In this episode, I sat down with Emily Kessler, a meditation teacher, marketing director, live event producer, and talent manager. And the work she does is so stinking cool! She simplifies meditation and helps people to actually enjoy meditation. Emily believes that the more we can look inwards for fulfillment, joy & a sense of purpose, the more we will find all three. She also believes that meditation doesn’t have to be scary, complicated, difficult or spiritual. And everyone has the ability to establish a simple, daily practice that is hugely beneficial!