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If You're Seeking More Peace and Less Anxiety, Listen to This

Let’s be real, we’d all like to experience a little more peace in our lives, right? Especially since the world has felt and has been so chaotic and overwhelming for some time now. Well, a month or so ago, my mind and body were craving peace. And I don’t find myself in this space often, but when I do, I know that it’s incredibly important for me to slow down and take some time to reflect and evaluate things. I want to walk you through what this process looks like for me, as well as giving you some tips, in hopes that what I share will help you to let go of some of the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that you may be experiencing, and help you to feel and experience more peace.

Alright, like I said, I always start by pausing, and then I check in with myself and I evaluate how I really feel. And I say how I really feel, because we often say we’re fine or okay, when we know that we aren’t fine or okay. We don’t really pause and take the time to get present, to get curious, and to ask ourselves helpful questions and really listen to the responses. Slowing down, getting curious, asking yourself helpful questions, and really listening to your honest responses helps you to then process how you’re feeling which is such an important piece of supporting you and your mental health. Because you can’t experience more peace if you aren’t allowing yourself to feel what you're currently feeling.

I like to start by asking myself questions like… Am I feeling any tension? Where am I feeling tension? Am I feeling fatigued? Am I lacking energy? Am I feeling less motivated? Am I feeling overwhelmed? Am I not enjoying things that I normally enjoy? Am I having a tough time relaxing? Am I feeling anxious (or more anxious)? And remember, when you ask yourself these questions, really make sure to listen to your responses. These questions and your responses will help you to acknowledge and feel your emotions, which will then help you to cultivate more of the emotions that you want to feel.