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Anxiety Success Stories: Andrea's Journey to Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts and Panic Attacks!

On episode 89 of the A Healthy Push podcast, you’ll meet Andrea, a former Panic to Peace student of mine! She’s made some really inspiring progress in her anxiety recovery journey, so I asked her to share her story. But before we start, I'd love for you to get to know a little about Andrea. She’s a former therapist, turned personal trainer…and not only that, she’s a mom and a wife! Andrea has struggled with anxiety most of her life despite having a happy childhood (which is actually really common). As major life stressors started to hit in her late 20s, Andrea experienced her first panic attack. And soon after that, she was faced with really challenging intrusive thoughts and even more panic.

Since then, Andrea has come such a long way in her anxiety recovery! She’s seen a therapist to practice ERP, and she’s taken my program, Panic to Peace. And now she’s here to talk with us about everything she’s learned along the way! These anxiety success stories are so inspiring, so I know you'll love this episode!

Anxiety Success Stories

Andrea’s Setback Was A Pivotal Moment In Her Recovery

Andrea shared that years into her recovery, she experienced a setback. And, ultimately this setback was caused by a lot of factors, the main one being a heart condition she had been diagnosed with. Andrea shared with us that exercise was one of her favorite ways of coping with anxiety…and because of her heart condition, she wasn’t allowed to exercise. Naturally, this was a very scary time for Andrea! And it caused her to get stuck in the “what-ifs” about getting better and ultimately experiencing more panic. Although this setback was very difficult to navigate, it ultimately helped Andrea solidify her anxiety recovery in the future. It was around this time that Andrea found me on Instagram, too!

The Value of Community in Anxiety Recovery

During our conversation, Andrea shared that one of the reasons she joined my program, was to find a community of people who understood what she was going through. She said that seeing other people achieve their goals alongside her was a huge motivator, and it definitely made her feel less alone! Andrea also found support from her husband and therapist, and a combination of the three really helped her. And we talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive people, and how it can make all the difference!

How Andrea Changed Her Relationship With Anxiety

With lots of time, effort, and courage, Andrea has started changing her relationship with anxiety for the better! Before Andrea started practicing exposure work, she focused on accepting and allowing anxiety. From there, she spent lots of time exposing herself to uncomfortable thoughts and sensations. And I am so, so proud of her! Andrea shared some really great advice she would give to someone who is in the difficult place she was in months ago, and here’s what she said:

  • Don’t be ashamed to ask for help

  • Find a group or community to get support (Like Panic to Peace!)

  • Slowly let go of your safety behaviors

  • Start facing the anxiety with a “bring it on” attitude!

Andrea had such great advice to offer! If you want to hear more about Andrea’s story, give this week’s podcast episode a listen. It’s filled with inspiration and helpful information! And if you’re wondering where you can start on your own anxiety recovery journey, my (free) guide 10 Less Common Anxiety Healing Tips is a great place to start. Here, I’ll share some tips for healing that you might have never heard before. You won’t want to miss it! So until next time, friend, keep taking healthy action.


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