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Meditation, Mindfulness, and How Our Brains Can Change & Experience More Peace and Presence

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools that we have to experience more peace and presence, so why don't we practice it more? Well, I think a big reason is because we don't

truly understand what mindfulness is! Joree says, "Mindfulness isn't something you add to your to-do list, it's something you add to your to-be list."

Joree Rose is a therapist, a mindfulness and meditation teacher, a coach, an author and a speaker, and she's somebody that I absolutely LOVE to chat with about mindfulness. She explains mindfulness and teaches it in ways that I've never heard anyone do it before. And she actually makes me feel super excited and good about practicing mindfulness. She is so passionate about helping people to live their lives on purpose, with greater ease, presence and joy.

So if you're not so clear on what mindfulness is, or you're underestimating just how powerful it is, or you've tried to practice it and just feel like you didn't get what you were hoping for, or you're simply looking for more peace, or you're already a fan of mindfulness and you want more, this episode is for you!

In this episode, Joree dives into:

- The difference between meditation and mindfulness and what they are

- The science behind why we struggle to be present and to do things differently

- Rewiring your brain with neuroplasticity (it's not as complicated or as boring as it may sound, I promise!)

- Why practicing meditation and mindfulness is important

- How to quiet your emotional brain (aka the amygdala)

- How to start building an awareness that actually leads to peace, presence, and enlightenment

Joree dropped so many beautiful and powerful truths in this episode, and this is one of them:

"I thought that the unknown was like this big black abyss of fear, this horrible, like, scary place. But I realized, like, wait, I have the known and I'm not happy. Which means the unknown is where possibility resides. It was like this mind-blowing moment that I had to be willing to see that as possibility. And once I recognized that the known wasn't actually as beneficial as I thought, because the known didn't actually give me the comfort and security that I pretended it was. The unknown is actually where my peace resided, where my fulfillment, where my alignment, where my authenticity was. And knowing that made it a lot easier to get through the hard moment to bridge from the unknown or from the known to the unknown."

Make sure to tune in and listen to the full episode!


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