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Trauma Healing (and Not All Anxiety is Trauma) With Dr. Megan Johnson

Trauma can feel like having frequent obsessive thoughts about the traumatic events, having dreams, nightmares, or flashbacks about the traumatic event, experiencing a sudden shift in your world view, believing that most things are bad and most people have bad intentions, avoiding all reminders of your trauma, including people, places, smells, and similar circumstances, shutting down when things feel stressful because life feels too overwhelming most of the time, and difficulty having functional relationships because of the ever-present sense of a lack of safety with others.

It can also feel like experiencing depression and anxiety, racing and unwelcome thoughts, foggy thoughts or frequent dissociation, upset stomach, sweaty palms or underarms, unexplained physical symptoms, or getting easily sidetracked with reminders of your trauma.

Dr. Megan Johnson is a clinical psychologist who helps individuals heal from trauma and live a calm and connecte