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Trauma Healing, Regulating Your Nervous System, & Somatic Therapy w/Jamie McCoy

Jamie McCoy is a licensed psychotherapist and a trauma recovery coach. And a big reason why Jamie does the work that she does today as a coach, is because she personally experienced a lot of health challenges and found that many traditional therapies just weren’t helpful. She felt that many therapists didn’t understand the challenges that she faced, how the challenges affected her mental health, and how the mind and body are connected.

Years ago, Jamie found herself going from doctor to doctor, being given a lot of random diagnoses, and being given medications like antidepressants and benzos for anxiety, which only made things worse. And then Jamie was diagnosed with Lyme disease and a handful of autoimmune conditions. After being diagnosed, Jamie spent years studying and connecting the dots of her body's breakdown to learn what she needed to build it back up. And addressing the mental, physical & environmental toxicity were the three most important pillars to Jamie regaining her health. Now, Jamie is thriving, and her passion is helping others to connect the pieces of their own healing puzzle and process the trauma that comes with that experience.