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Toilet Anxiety: What if I Can't Make It to a Bathroom in Time?

Toilet anxiety is something I personally struggled with for years. If you're anything like me, the anxiety symptoms can often present as stomach issues (cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, to name a few). And when these symptoms pop up, it can feel like you need a bathroom that very second! These feelings can often trick you into thinking that it's not safe to be far from a bathroom, or that you're bound to have an accident if a toilet is out of reach. It might sound silly, but toilet anxiety can be really difficult to navigate on your own.

For years, I was afraid to even mention this fear to the people who loved me the most, like my husband and my mom. I mean…being afraid of pooping your pants sounds so silly, right?! Eventually, I realized I wasn’t silly for feeling this way. After all, the feelings are very real. And when I opened up to the people who loved me, I finally began to heal. I share more about my personal story in my blog post: My Journey With Toilet Anxiety - With 5 Helpful Tips!