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Stepy Goes From Housebound to LIVING and Thriving

Stepy struggled with panic disorder and agoraphobia for 15 years. And just a year ago, she was pretty convinced that she would be stuck living in her childhood bedroom for the rest of her life. Fast forward to today... (big spoiler alert), she moved out of her childhood home, drove over 6 hours back to her true home in Los Angeles, and has been living her life and showing herself just how capable she has always been.

I met Stepy back in April of 2022 and did some coaching with her, and I have been blown away by not only the amazing human being she is, but by the amazing work that she's done over the past several months. Her story is truly a testament to the fact that recovery from panic disorder and agoraphobia IS absolutely possible! And I can't wait for you to hear her amazing story for yourself.

Here's what we dive into in our conversation:

- Stepy's journey with panic disorder and agoraphobia

- How she had to move back home to the Bay Area (into her childhood bedroom) after living in Los Angeles, a place she really loved and wanted to be, because of her struggle with anxiety, panic, and agoraphobia

- Having panic attacks every day and how Xanax was no longer cutting it

- How she didn't know what she was even struggling with and how she came to understand that she was struggling with agoraphobia

- What helped her to recover and start living again

- How acceptance and exposure work was a big part of her journey

- How she learned the difference between anxiety and her intuition

- How she moved out of her childhood home and moved back to LA (and has now bought a home in LA!)

- How something really hard happened within two weeks of her moving back to LA and how she worked through it in a healthy way (with no panic!)

Make sure to tune in and listen to the full episode for all the goodness!


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