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Relationship Anxiety & Anxious Attachment With Stephanie Rigg

Relationships aren’t always easy, right? Never mind when you add anxiety into the mix! Relationship anxiety can look like constantly worrying about your relationship, having the same arguments over and over again, trying to explain how you’re feeling and being met with defensiveness and shutdown, or a whole lot of wondering if this is really the right relationship for you. Does any of this sound familiar? Well, with the right tools & some expert guidance, your relationship can get a whole lot easier. And cue Stephanie!

Stephanie Rigg is a Relationship Coach located in Australia, who specializes in helping people break free of insecurity and anxiety to create deep, loving, and connected relationships. She helps people who struggle with any of the four attachment styles, but in today’s episode, we’re going to primarily talk about the anxious attachment style, which is something that she has a whole lot of knowledge on and also lived experience.

In this episode, Stephanie dives into: