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5 Truths About Panic Attacks (from somebody who has had hundreds of them)

I used to experience panic attacks nearly every day for over a decade! And back when I was struggling, there was SO much that I just didn't know about panic attacks. So I want to clue you in on 5 really big and important truths about panic attacks, because understanding these things will make your journey a lot less hard!

In this episode, I dive into:

  1. How you can't stop a panic attack and how it's pointless to try to stop it.

  2. How you'll keep experiencing panic attacks unless you become willing to experience them.

  3. How experiencing a panic attack doesn't equal failure, or set you ten steps back, or erase any progress.

  4. How experiencing a panic attack after going days or weeks without experiencing one isn't anything to raise the alarms for.

  5. How it's safe to experience a panic attack from anywhere.

Make sure to tune in and listen to the full episode for all the goodness!


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