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Anxiety Success Stories: Daniel's Journey to Recovery and Breaking the Stigma Around Men's Mental Health Struggles

Anxiety Success Stories: Daniel's Journey to Recovery and Breaking the Stigma Around Men's Mental Health Struggles

In this episode, I'm joined by Daniel, a former Panic to Peace student, and I'm so grateful to have him on the podcast to share his journey with you all.

This episode brings you a raw, honest account of what it can be like to struggle with anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia from a male perspective, which I know will be so valuable to lots of you in this community.

Early Struggles and Coping Mechanisms

Born and raised in Colorado, Daniel is a married father of three who's life today looks very different than it did in recent years. From early childhood, Daniel recognized the signs and symptoms of anxiety, which worsened with the death of his father when Daniel was just 22. For years, Daniel coped through heavy drinking and avoidance, eventually developing agoraphobia and panic disorder, at times struggling to leave his home.

Turning Point and Recovery Journey

A turning point in Daniel's recovery came after meeting his wife, when he started to push his limits through exposure, traveling further away from home and taking trips outside of his home city. During this time, Daniel stopped drinking, a coping mechanism which he had heavily relied on to deal with the symptoms of panic he was facing.

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit in 2020, Daniel relapsed into drinking on a long trip away from home. During our conversation we reflected on the impact of coping mechanisms like drinking, and their ability to reduce and minimize how we feel. When struggling it's common to try and numb a lot of anxious thoughts, feelings and emotions we just don't want to face, doing our best to avoid feeling all the things. It can feel like the safe option to avoid these feelings, but recovery and long-term healing comes when we face these feelings and learn how to tolerate the discomfort anxiety brings, teaching ourselves that we are always safe.

Recognizing the negative impacts that his lifestyle was having on his life, Daniel started to focus more on his health and fitness. He soon found that lifestyle changes like diet and exercise were playing a role in improving his mental clarity and ability to manage the symptoms of anxiety and panic. Starting to feel more positive, Daniel began to research and seek out support, and was overwhelmed to discover he was not alone in the way he felt, and that there was a way forward. It soon became clear that long-term healing required changing his relationship with anxiety, rather than the quick fixes or hacks he had relied on in the past.

Breaking the Stigma

Daniel and I spoke about the stigma that surrounds men's mental health. So many men who struggle with anxiety suffer in silence with and perceive it as weakness. But here's the thing: reaching out for help takes courage, and so much strength. I'm so proud of Daniel for getting vulnerable and opening up the conversation.

Nowadays, Daniel experiences occasional panic attacks but is able to rationalize them without them ruining his day. Daniel has made a commitment to long-term healing, has a trip booked out of state with his wife over the summer, and feels optimistic about the future!

Daniel's story is nothing short of inspirational, and I can't wait for you to listen to the full episode, wherever you get your podcasts.

Daniel, Panic to Peace Student


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