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Moving Into 2023 With More Peace & Less Stress And What You Can Expect From ME in 2023

“Let’s leave all the hard stuff in 2022!” Wait, what?! Trust me, if it were possible, I’d be all on board. But it’s just not possible, nor is it helpful to go into the New Year with this mentality! Today I want to share a healthier approach with you.

So, how do you actually move into the New Year experiencing more peace and less stress? Well, that’s what I dive into in this episode! I'm going to share some practical approaches to creating New Year's goals with you, and I know you will find lots of insights here! So let's get started.

Moving Into 2023 With More Peace & Less Stress And What You Can Expect From ME in 2023

Why We DON'T Need To Leave All Of The Hard Stuff In 2022

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, you'll often hear people say they're leaving all the hard or bad things behind in the previous year. And this messaging can be damaging because it's not exactly possible to just leave behind all of the difficult parts of life. The hard stuff is sometimes just part of being human! You don't need to have everything figured out just because it's a New Year. And I really want you to give yourself permission to not have everything figured out!

Instead, I want you to honor all of the amazing work that you've done in the past year. Ask yourself what worked, what didn't, and what you've learned along the way. And take what's working, and carry that into 2023! No matter how small it might feel, you have made progress in 2022. And I know you've probably done some amazing things that you're really proud of! And I want you to know that I'm proud of you, too.

Setting Meaningful And Helpful Intentions For 2023

So let's talk about how we can set goals for 2023 that are much more about living and a whole lot less about anxiety and anxiety recovery! I think that setting healthy intentions for the New Year starts with asking yourself hard questions, like what's working for you, where you can grow, and what you'd want to improve! And I think that a big reason why resolutions often don't work for people is because we're often not focused on the things that matter, or because we've bitten off way more than we can chew.

But when you set intentions for the New Year, you bring your attention and focus to the things that actually matter! And you might be wondering... what the heck is an intention?! Well, for me it looks like asking myself how I want to feel in the coming year, and what actions I can take to create that for myself. Intentions are all about acknowledging how you want to feel, and taking the healthy actions that will lead you there! A big intention for me this year is to start feeling more present.

What You Can Expect To See From Me In 2023!

For starters, you're going to hear lots more solo podcast episodes from me. And don't worry, we're still going to have some amazing guests! But I also want to make sure that you're getting to hear more from just me. I'm also going to be having lots more interviews with my amazing Panic to Peace students and 1-on-1 coaching clients, which I'm so excited about! And something I'm really excited about...we're going to have several rounds of Panic to Peace this year! If you're interested in my ten-week program that will help you create a healthy relationship with anxiety, panic, and fear, you can join the waitlist here!

Make sure to tune in and listen to the full episode for all the goodness!



Ways to work with me...

Driving Anxiety Masterclass

A two hour masterclass that teaches you how to experience more peace and freedom behind the wheel, whether you struggle as the driver, the passenger, or a bit of both!

Panic to Peace

(10-week live course)

A 10-week live course that will teach you the tools that will help you to overcome your anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears (no matter where and in what situations you experience them), and start living a life that is full of lots more peace, joy, freedom, and adventure!

Symptoms & Panic Attacks


A 90 minute masterclass that teaches you how to start approaching the symptoms and panic attacks in a healthy way so that you can finally find freedom from them!

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