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From Overcoming Panic Disorder & Agoraphobia, to Back to Struggling & Overcoming It Again

Kathryn went from being bubbly, carefree, and a world traveler, to struggling to even take a shower in her own home. Then after leaving a toxic marriage and moving back to the town she grew up in, everything went back to "normal." She was experiencing life again, without the symptoms, panic attacks, and fears. And she thought... I'll never struggle with that again!

But then a year and a half later, she had a panic attack while driving and she quickly found herself back to creating "safe zones" and ultimately not leaving her house. Shortly after, Kathryn reached out to me, feeling lots of shame, and said that she needed some help. And through working together, Kathryn started taking some healthy steps and showing herself that the Kathryn she wanted to get back to, wasn't so far from where she was.