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Feel Like Health Anxiety is Ruining Your Life? Listen to This!

Health anxiety is oftentimes triggered from an event that occurs that threatens your health and wellbeing, or the health and wellbeing of somebody you love. The event then causes you to obsess over the idea that there is something wrong with you (or your loved one), or something could happen again that threatens your (or your loved ones) health and wellbeing.

But for some, health anxiety is simply triggered due to a sensitivity that you have to your thoughts and feelings. You might read an article and find yourself quickly spiraling and convincing yourself that it isn’t “just anxiety,” and instead you have a serious medical condition. You might feel something in your body, a feeling of something being “off,” and quickly convince yourself that you have a serious medical condition.

Haley joins me to talk about all things health anxiety! Haley Ostrow is a therapist who helps people to find long-term freedom from anxiety and panic attacks, including health anxiety. And she has her own personal experience with health anxiety. In this episode, Haley shares so many helpful insights and practical tips and tools for overcoming health anxiety.