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Anxiety Success Stories: Corrie Works Through Excessive Worry, Fear, Panic, Trauma, & Grief

Anxiety Success Stories: Corrie Works Through Excessive Worry, Fear, Panic, Trauma, & Grief

On this episode I was so honored to be joined by Corrie, a former Panic to Peace student. Her story is a powerful reminder of how resilient we can be, even when life throws us some major curveballs. I'm always so thankful when students share their journey - and I'm excited to share Corrie's anxiety success story with you!

Early Life and Trauma

Corrie's life has been far from ordinary. She faced significant trauma from a young age, including her parents divorce, and father’s severe car accident when she was just eight. The accident left him with brain trauma and paraplegia. Corrie's family kept a pretty positive outlook, with her grandparents' taking a supportive role in caring for him and making the best arrangements for his care. Even so, the anxiety about future guardianship responsibilities was a worry in the background.

At 19, Corrie's mother revealed that the man she thought was her father might not be her biological parent. This bombshell triggered an identity crisis for Corrie.  Her early twenties were chaotic, filled with anger and confusion. Corrie did her best to avoid and suppress how she was feeling. Looking back, what she was experiencing was the foundation for the anxiety and panic that showed up later in her life.

Breaking Point & Coping Mechanisms

Eventually, the stress and unresolved trauma eventually caught up with Corrie, turning into full blown panic and anxiety. Everyday activities, like driving or shopping at the store, started triggering panic attacks.

In an attempt to manage her anxiety, Corrie developed various coping mechanisms. She recalls pretending to be on the phone during panic attacks to avoid drawing attention to herself. This behavior, while seemingly helpful in the moment, was just a distraction.

Anxiety was showing up with very physical symptoms. Corrie began to see these symptoms as messages from her body, urging her to rest and take care of herself, a huge contrast to her previous tendency to keep busy and ignore these signs.

The Path to Healing

Combined with the teachings of Panic to Peace and recognizing the significance of addressing unresolved trauma and grief, Corrie has made huge steps to work through excessive worry, fear, panic, trauma, and grief. I am so proud of her!

This is just a snapshot of Corrie's inspirational anxiety success story. Be sure to listen to the full episode for all the wisdom and inspiration shared!

Panic to Peace Student Corrie


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