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What Do the Small Steps - AKA Taking Healthy Action In Anxiety Recovery Look Like?

You might be used to hearing me talk about the importance of taking healthy action by now… but have you ever wondered, “Shannon, what the heck does healthy action even look like?”. If so, you’re going to love this episode! We’re going to talk about what healthy action looks like, and how it leads to healing from anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. 

Before we get started, I want to mention something super important. I often see people getting stuck on this part of anxiety recovery, so we need to talk about it! When we're working to recover, we're often looking for the big things that will help us to get there. Like we convince ourselves... I'm missing something... If I can just find that thing! And sometimes it's not just the big things, but we're often just seeking out the ONE thing that will do it. For example, once I find the medication that will help me, or once I find the tool that will work, or once I find the book that will unlock everything for me, or once I find the therapist or coach that will fix me.

And don't get me wrong, medication, tools, therapists, coaches, these are all super helpful, and they can help to support you along your recovery journey. But the truth and the reality is, YOU are the one who is going to take the action and heal from anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. Not a medication, not a tool, not a book or anyone else. And I know this is a little tricky, because I know it feels like it puts a lot of the healing on you. But once you really accept that you are what's going to lead you to the healing that you so badly are working towards and want, it really changes so much, and actually starts to make things a whole heck of a lot easier.

And since I believe healthy action is essential, I thought this would be the perfect time to share some healthy steps you can start taking to recover from anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. So let’s get into it! 

8 Small, Healthy Steps for Anxiety Recovery

1. Define your why

Knowing why you want to recover from anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia is absolutely essential. Having a why helps us remember why we’re taking healthy action, even when things get hard. It reminds us of what lies on the other side of healthy action, and it’s an amazing place to start! 

2. Relieving stress can simply be moving your body

And it doesn’t have to be anything crazy! Take a quick walk, stretch, or do whatever you can to move your body. Even the smallest amount of movement can work wonders for stress relief!

3. Consider natural supplements or supportive remedies 

I love caffeine-free teas! They can really help to reduce stress and just make you feel a bit calmer. Magnesium supplements can be great as well! I share some of my favorites on my Amazon Storefront.

*If you have any questions regarding supplements please make sure to consult a healthcare professional. 

4. Set boundaries and stick to them

Even setting boundaries with yourself is important! Whether it’s a boundary about work, family, or friends, setting boundaries can really help to decrease stress levels. 

5. Consider your relationship with social media

Personally, I love taking an inventory of my social media to make sure I’m only interacting with accounts that bring me joy. Taking intentional time away from your phone and social media can also be incredibly helpful! 

6. Carve out 10-15 minutes of your day to face something that you've been avoiding

Or spend that time doing something that scares you! Facing your fears and doing the things that scare you is how you start to push past the things that are leading to the anxiety, symptoms, panic, and fears. Building this habit is a great way to take healthy action each day! 

7. Ask for support 

When you're struggling with an anxiety disorder, you often convince yourself that you can’t ask for support. Because if you do, it might mean that you're needy, weak, dependent, incapable, or that you're seeking reassurance. But the truth is, we all need support. We are all deserving and worthy of support. You do not have to recover from anxiety alone! 

8. Do one thing that you enjoy every day

I know this one might sound silly, but it's so powerful. Just because you're working to recover doesn't mean that you should stop living, right? Right! So it can be something super simple. Maybe for you it's knitting or crocheting, or singing, or dancing, or watching something that you really like, or calling a friend, or taking a walk outside. Just setting aside even 10 minutes each day (and being consistent with it) goes a long way! Remember, recovery happens while you're living. If you try to hit pause on finding happiness and joy until you've recovered, recovery is going to be a whole lot less likely to happen.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a few of my tips for some small steps you can start taking each day! Although they might sound small, taking healthy action each day can lead to lasting anxiety recovery. And if you’re looking for some extra support through your anxiety recovery journey, make sure to check out my super helpful masterclasses and my 10-week program, Panic to Peace, where I guide and support you through your journey to more peace, joy, and freedom!

And if you want to hear more on taking healthy action, make sure to listen to the full podcast episode for even more goodness!

Shannon Jackson, A Healthy Push small steps you can take to recover from anxiety panic disorder and agoraphobia
Small, healthy steps helped me fly with much more peace and ease!





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