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If I Could Go Back, Here’s 5 Things I’d Do Differently

I’m so excited to dive into a few things that I’d do differently if I could hit rewind on my recovery journey, because undoubtedly, there are many things that I’d do differently! And the big reason why I’m sharing these things with you is because they are also pieces of wisdom that I wish I had back when I was struggling. I truly believe that with a little more knowledge and insight, my journey would have been a lot less long and hard! So I hope that what I share with you today will make your journey less long and less hard.

Alright, so you know when you come out the other side of something and think… Wow, I made that so incredibly hard on myself. Why didn’t I just do that? What was I thinking? Why did I keep doing that? Why didn’t I stop doing that? I mean, the list goes on!

And this is mostly because things are much clearer once you’ve lived it and you’ve gone through the lessons, right? And although the lessons suck when you’re in them, if you pay attention, the lessons and knowledge you gain are what will help you to continuously shift and move towards healing. They help you to stop, check in with your