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Fully Recovered: Susanne Update - 16 Years of Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia to Recovered!

Anxiety Success Stories: Being Fully Recovered From Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia with Susanne

Susanne is a former Panic to Peace student with an incredible anxiety success story! You may remember Susanne from our last conversation, and it was so great to catch up with her again on the podcast.

To recap, Susanne struggled with Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia for 16 years, but has come so far, and her life looks a lot different nowadays! Susanne is now fully recovered, so I was so excited to hear more about what that means for Susanne and dig into some burning questions!

How Has Life Changed Since Taking Panic to Peace?

Susanne was in the very first round of Panic to Peace that I ran, back in April 2022, and is one of many of my students who has gone on to amazing things! Fast-forward two years, and life couldn't look more different!

It was so lovely to hear that Susanne is now a mother to a beautiful baby boy, which is something she never imagined being able to do when she was deeply struggling. Susanne felt well during much of her pregnancy, and honestly felt too busy and occupied with the changes and preparation to find much time to be anxious! I love this - so often the anticipation really is the hardest part!

Susanne has been taking lots more trips which is something that has always felt important to her. When we spoke, she had just returned from a trip to Italy with her husband and son, a three hour drive by car, something that would have looked impossible before!

While Susanne has experienced lots of joy and freedom in the last couple of years, she has unfortunately been through some challenging family issues. Despite facing loss, Susanne has felt much stronger facing these challenges as her perspective on life has shifted. A huge part of Panic to Peace is learning to create a healthy relationship with anxiety, and facing hard emotions. This really does support us with all those moments life inevitably throws us at, and leads to long-term healing.

How Did You Know You Were Recovered?

The big question! Recovery looks different for everyone - but for Susanne, it was definitely her mindset shift that gave her the signal. A lot of people hold the standard of being recovered as the ability to do everything and anything (with flying often high on that list!) - but the true measure of recovery is what is going on internally.

This mental shift occurs when slowly, soon enough you are no longer having daily mental battles with anxiety, and day to day activity becomes more peaceful.

What Advice Would You Give To Others On This Journey?

For Susanne, learning more about panic, anxiety, and agoraphobia, and actually allowing those feelings, played a big role in her recovery journey. We chatted about how gaining this new perspective and having the knowledge to understand what was happening can really help things click into place.

Susanne, Panic to Peace student

I am so proud of Susanne, and so incredibly grateful for her sharing her story! If you've been inspired by this anxiety success story but you are struggling right now, I want you to remember that this is possible for you too. We are all capable of doing hard things, one step at a time, no matter what your journey looks like or how long you have struggled for. Keep taking healthy action, friend, and let yourself see how capable you really are!


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