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6 of the Hardest Lessons I Learned That Led to the Most Healing

Oftentimes it's the hardest experiences that we go through in life that leads us to the most healing, growth, and transformation. But when you're going through some really tough stuff, it's hard to even see the lessons that we're meant to be taught, never mind learning from them!

So I'm talking through six of the hardest lessons I learned while I was working to recover from anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia, so that you can not only get some insights and helpful tips, but to also help you work through some barriers you may currently be facing. And these six lessons that I'm sharing with you are lessons that led me to the most healing, so you will be sure to get lots of helpful and practical takeaways from this episode!

Here's a glimpse at the lessons I learned that I dive into in this episode:

  1. That a lot of the time, anxiety wasn't the problem. Instead, the problem was how I was responding to it, and how I was treating myself!

  2. I had to slow down - in all aspects of my life! And here I dive a little into exposure work and how white knuckling your way through exposures isn't at all helpful.

  3. That my excellent problem solving skills, being analytical, and logical weren't strengths that I cold use to help me create a healthy relationship with anxiety.

  4. That there wasn't ONE solution, a "right" path to healing, or a step-by-step guide.

  5. That I had to stop looking outside of myself for all of the answers, and for "saving," and instead look within.

  6. That my lifestyle choices were in fact part of the problem, and were preventing me from creating a healthy relationship with anxiety and with myself.

Make sure to tune in and listen to the full episode for all the goodness!


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