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10 Signs You Are Recovering From Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Agoraphobia

One of the hardest lessons I learned through my own anxiety recovery journey was that recovery isn’t always about how you feel during the process. Back then, I used to think that experiencing anxiety or even panic meant that I wasn’t healing. But with some time (and lots of effort!), I started to realize that experiencing anxiety didn’t mean that I wasn’t healing. In fact, it often meant the exact opposite!

You might feel like you’re not making any progress because of the difficult situations and emotions you’re learning to navigate. But I’m here to tell you that doing the hard things and taking anxiety with you is actually an indicator that you’re healing! And along with this, there are so many other indicators that you’re healing from anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. So let’s talk about those signs, along with some helpful tips!

10 Signs You Are Recovering From Anxiety

1: You No Longer Interpret the Hard Moments as a Sign of Failure

If you’re starting to look at the moments of strong anxiety or panic as a sign of the progress you’re making, you’re on the right track! This might sound crazy at first, but recognizing that the hard moments are a part of the recovery process is so important. Because these difficult, anxious moments are an indicator that you’re allowing yourself to experience the hard things, which leads to a whole lot of healing in the long run.

2: You Have Increased Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is a big sign that you’re moving in the direction of anxiety recovery. This self-awareness might look like becoming more aware of the unhelpful actions and behaviors that are keeping you stuck, and taking the small steps to change these behaviors. And not only that…but becoming aware of the unhelpful thoughts that contribute to feelings of anxiety! This awareness plays a big part in anxiety recovery, which is why we put a huge emphasis on awareness in my program, Panic to Peace.

3: You’re Starting to Break Free From Old Patterns

It can take a bit of time to break free of the unhelpful patterns you’ve fallen into, whether it’s been months or years. But no matter how long you’ve been engaging in these old patterns, you can always break free of them! If you’re putting in the effort to slowly break away from those patterns, you’re on the right track, friend! Although it can be uncomfortable to break away from these unhelpful routines and behaviors, giving yourself the opportunity to change will show you how capable you really are.

4: You’re More Willing to Try the Uncomfortable Thing

When you’re willing to try the uncomfortable thing, you’re also telling anxiety that it no longer has to be in control of you. And although this can be pretty uncomfortable at first, you’ll start to realize that fear never belonged in the driver’s seat of your life! Choosing to live the life you love, regardless of anxiety’s presence, is a major sign that you’re healing from anxiety.

5: You Have a Healthier Relationship With Your Thoughts

In the beginning, the anxious thoughts might have ruled your entire day (or life!). But when you’re on the path to anxiety recovery, you’re less attached to the anxious thoughts. Simply put, the thoughts aren’t your priority anymore, and they certainly aren’t holding the same power they once did! With time, you can make shifts to realize that unhelpful thoughts don’t equal reality. Experiencing anxious thoughts will happen from time to time, and that’s okay! Success lies in how you’re responding to the thoughts, not whether or not they show up.

6: When the Feelings Pop Up, You No Longer Default to Danger

If you find yourself observing the symptoms of anxiety and panic instead of declaring danger, this is another big sign that you’re healing! I’m sure you remember…but in the beginning, those thoughts and sensations felt so dangerous! But with lots of courage and practice, you know that you no longer need to fear the feelings. After all, it’s your response that matters, not the presence of the feelings!

7: You’re More Supportive of Yourself

One of the biggest components of anxiety recovery is your willingness to care for yourself throughout your toughest moments. And I want you to hear me when I say this… you are worthy of support, compassion, and self-care! Being willing to ask for some extra support, taking care of your mind and body, and being vulnerable with your support system are all great signs of healing.

8: You’re Letting Yourself Be Human

Being willing to not get things right every time is a major sign that you’re healing from anxiety. You’re giving yourself the space to make mistakes and not get things perfect, which is essential to anxiety recovery! But most importantly, you’re letting the journey be hard. Because you’re human, and things are hard sometimes! We can let it be hard without it meaning anything about us or our ability to recover.

9: You’re Taking the Time to Recognize the Progress You’ve Made

When was the last time you sat down to reflect on your anxiety recovery journey? Because I know that no matter what point you’re at, there’s a win that you can celebrate. Taking the time to celebrate your progress is a big sign of anxiety healing because you’re recognizing your strength and capability to overcome it!

10: You’re Doing Less Questioning of Whether or Not You’re Healing

Not worrying about whether or not you’re healing is a great sign that you actually are healing! Because with time, you start to realize that healing happens when you take small, consistent steps. And as you take those steps, anxiety will slowly fade into the background.

I hope you found these ten signs you are recovering from anxiety helpful and motivating! When it comes to healing, there are a few things I want you to remember. The first is that healing isn’t linear, and that doesn’t mean anything about you or your capabilities. Second, don’t spend too much time worrying if you’re healing. Healing will happen in the small moments when you start to allow the anxiety and fear to be there!

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