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Anxiety Success Stories: Angelle’s Journey of Overcoming Airplane Anxiety

Angelle is a former Panic to Peace student with an inspiring anxiety success story! Angelle struggled with anxiety for most of her life. When she was in her mid-20s, she began experiencing panic attacks nearly every day. She’d often struggle to do things like sit through her college classes, be far from home, or her car. And eventually, this fear became so debilitating that Angelle struggled to leave her driveway. She worried that she wouldn’t be able to travel or fly on an airplane again, or that she might miss out on life. And here’s a bit of a spoiler…after taking Panic to Peace, Angelle flew on a plane and went on an 8-hour road trip!

And many of us who struggle with agoraphobia can relate to these same fears! Whether it’s the fear of leaving home, being on an airplane, being far from safety, or feeling uncertain about the future, it’s important to know that it won’t always look this way. And Angelle’s story is proof of that! I love sharing these anxiety success stories because they’re so inspiring. So let’s get into Angelle’s story!

Anxiety Success Stories: Angelle’s Journey of Overcoming Airplane Anxiety

How Angelle Found Support

Angelle mentioned that she’d experienced anxiety since childhood, and she didn’t receive guidance on how to navigate it from a young age. Without the support she needed, the anxiety continued to grow. When she got to high school, she started having panic attacks every day, and had no idea what they were! Eventually, the anxiety forced her to seek support. And thankfully, she had an amazing friend who went to her first therapy appointment with her. Seeking support was the first step in Angelle’s journey because it helped her understand that what she’d been struggling with for so long was actually anxiety and panic attacks. Recently, Angelle has found EMDR therapy to be extremely supportive of her anxiety recovery!

Practicing Vulnerability

When Angelle first met her husband, she was at one of her lowest points with anxiety and panic disorder. She was afraid to share her struggles with him and would play off panic attacks as simply not feeling well. It wasn’t until years later when they started dating that Angelle revealed that she had been struggling with panic attacks. And she found that when she was vulnerable, she was met with love and acceptance! With lots of practice, it became much easier for Angelle to be vulnerable with trustworthy people. And she said ditching the shame and being vulnerable has been hugely helpful!

Overcoming Airplane Anxiety

After having one panic attack on an airplane, Angelle thought that she would never fly again. Angelle’s fear of being trapped had always made flying difficult for her. Recently, Angelle applied all of the tools she’d learned in her recovery and got on a plane! She flew twice, and went on an 8-hour road trip! And when she told me, I was so incredibly happy for her. Angelle realized that panic might pop up on her vacation, and chose to do it anyway…which I love!

On the flight home, Angelle had a panic attack. And at first, she was really scared. But then she remembered that she was safe, her body would return to normal, and that she was capable of handling this. And she did! Instead of reacting to the panic, she let her body return to its baseline (and without taking her emergency medication). And for that, I am so proud of her!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about Angelle’s anxiety success story! And if you have an upcoming flight that you're anxious about, or if you've been wanting to book a trip but have been too anxious to do it, you'll want to join my live masterclass on Overcoming Airplane Anxiety. In it, I'll teach you simple and practical tips and tools that will actually help you to experience more peace and freedom while traveling.

Make sure to listen to the full podcast episode for all of the goodness!





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