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A 10-week program that is designed to teach you how to change your relationship with anxiety and overcome your anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears and experience lots more peace, joy, and freedom!


You're tired of this...

- Struggling with anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia.
- Being consumed by anxious thoughts and fear.
- Fearing the symptoms and panic attacks.
- Always convincing yourself that you're trapped or not in control.
- Always anticipating the worst case scenario. 
- Struggling with being far from home, or going places alone, or being home alone, or driving, or being in public places, or going to work or school, or just doing everyday things.
- Struggling to do the things you want to do in life, and you want to experience more peace, joy, and freedom!

And you want this...

- To find freedom from the anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears.

- To not fear panic attacks or the symptoms.

- To go places and do things without worrying about what might or could happen.

- To go on adventures, and travel, and do things that you've always wanted to do.

- To experience lots more peace, joy, and freedom!

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Then let me tell you what's inside of
Panic to Peace!

Over ten weeks together, we'll dive into:


  • Accepting where you currently are but believing that it isn't where you're going to stay!


  • Defining your why so that you keep moving forward even when things are hard.


  • Creating goals so that you know what you're working towards, and mapping out small steps for getting you there!


  • Creating a healthy response with your anxious thoughts so that they no longer lead to the symptoms, panic, and fears.

  • Working through the what-ifs and intrusive thoughts in a healthy way so that they stop popping up.

  • Changing the stories you're telling yourself so that you create new and healthy pathways that don't lead to anxiety in the first place.


  • Knowing what to do when the symptoms do pop up and how to work through them in a healthy way.

  • Becoming good at redirection rather than trying to use distraction as a tool.

  • Creating a plan for facing your fears and doing it successfully.

  • Facing your fears with clear, defined, practical small steps so that things aren't so hard and so that you actually succeed.

  • Living your life while creating freedom from your fears!


  • Understanding setbacks - how to work through them in a healthy way and how to avoid them altogether.

  • Knowing when to push yourself and when to rest so that you keep moving forward on your healing journey.

  • Getting clear on how to know when you're healing so that you can keep moving forward and keep experiencing more peace, joy, and freedom.


  • Understanding all of the things that's causing you to struggle so that you can begin to heal.

  • Getting clear on your contributors of anxiety and how to start undoing them.

  • Understanding the anxious response (aka panic attacks) and how to not to fear it.

  • Working through anticipatory anxiety, avoidance, and safety behaviors in a healthy way.


  • Getting clear on how and when to use the tools so that you actually experience more peace.

  • Understanding how vulnerability fights fear and how to get the best support.

  • Practicing mindfulness, self-compassion, and positive self-talk so that you can support yourself through the hard moments without looking outward.

  • Practicing gratitude and shifting your perspective so that you continue to make progress.


  • Understanding the importance of reducing stress and practicing self-care and learning tools for doing it more simply and effectively.

  • Understanding how relationships impact your healing journey and creating healthy relationships.

  • Creating a healthy relationship with your body so that your mind is supported in doing the hard work


  1. Health anxiety - including death anxiety​

  2. Overcoming airplane anxiety

  3. How minimalism can help you to heal


"Panic to Peace has been a game changer! It's given me clarity of my actions, and provided supportive and achievable steps to move forward. It's given me a community of people who suffer with the same challenges. Having lived with agoraphobia for 20+ years, this has been an incredibly moving and motivating experience. I've been pushing my boundaries and learning that I'm okay when I do. I now have a sense that I will keep moving forward, and feel that I'm in a happier, more peaceful, and stronger place."

- Kirsty

Here's what you get when you join...

- 12 live lessons in my Zoom room! And if you are unable to join live, no worries! The sessions are recorded and accessible to you for life. (Only available for Panic to Peace with me)
- Live Q&A sessions and group discussions/support (Only available for Panic to Peace with me)
- The tools, along with clear action steps
 that will help you to overcome your anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears.
- A 1:1 session with me, if you choose!
- A 60 page 
- 26 lessons that are available to you for life.

- Access to me and to others who are on a similar journey as you in my private Facebook group.

Got questions?
I've got answers!

Q: For the live version of Panic to Peace, what time are the live calls and Q&A's?

A: To accommodate Panic to Peace students across the globe, the live lessons and Q&A's will take place across various times.

When you join, you'll get a survey asking you to select the days and times that work best for you. I do this so that I can then choose times that will work best for the entire group!

You'll then get invites for every session so you can add them to your calendar for easy scheduling.

Of course, all live content will be recorded and added to the course portal so that you can catch up in your own time.

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By the end of this course, you will have the tools you need in order to:
Create a healthy relationship with anxiety.

Overcome the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of anxiety and panic.

Work through and no longer struggle with panic attacks.

Reach your goals and experience lots more peace, joy, freedom, and adventure!

Prevent anxiety from making decisions for you and actually LIVE your life!


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over my 15-year journey with anxiety, panic, and agoraphobia, and I created a fluff-free course for you that outlines all of the steps I took to get me to where I am today.


And I keep things simple and practical because I know how overwhelming the recovery journey can be.

Panic to Peace provides you with all of the knowledge and tools that will make your healing journey less long and less hard!

And as soon as you join, you get instant (and lifetime) access to all of the modules, tools, action steps, workbook, and any items I add in along the way!

Sound like the kind of support and accountability you need to say goodbye to the symptoms, panic attacks, and fears?

Choose the payment option that best suits your budget:

Panic to Peace
With Me!

10-week course

4 Monthly Payments of  $187

Panic to Peace
With Me!

10-week course

A One-Time Payment of  $697

Panic to Peace

Self-paced course

A One-Time Payment of  $297

Your purchase is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee (see terms).

So who am I?

Well, I'm Shannon Jackson and I'm an anxiety recovery coach!


I struggled with anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia for years. And for years, I believed that my life was destined to be consumed by anxiety, panic, and fear.


Fast forward to today, and I'm living a life that I never even imagined possible. I'm a wife, a mom, and an adventurer. I love nature, hiking, traveling, writing, and seeing the world.


And today, I give people that little push that I wish I had back when I was struggling, along with teaching all of the tools and practices to heal, overcome, and start living the life they want and deserve to live! One where anxiety doesn't make any of the decisions!


- You've been struggling for months, years, or even a decade or more!

- You're housebound and having a really tough time even thinking about getting out of your house and doing anything.

- You go out and do things, but your brain is always focused on trying not to experience the symptoms or a panic attack.

- You've tried anything and everything but the symptoms, panic attacks, and fears continue to persist and you just don't know what to do anymore.

Want free weekly support from me to show up in your inbox every week?

I promise, you'll never get any junk from me! Only helpful tips, tools, and inspiration that will help you to overcome and experience lots more peace, joy, and freedom!