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Q&A: Your Questions About Anxiety, Panic Disorder, & Agoraphobia Recovery Answered Part 2

Alright, last week’s Q&A episode was such a hit, so I decided to answer more of your questions this week in a part two episode. And I just want to say, if you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, you’re definitely going to want to listen to that one, too!

And again, I have to mention… These questions came from a survey that I sent out to everyone on my email list. And I got hundreds of good questions that I’m going to do my best to answer here on my podcast, on social media, and in my weekly emails. So if you aren’t already on my email list, I really want to encourage you to jump on it so that you can get free, weekly support from me, and so that you’ll have opportunities to ask me questions and get a little extra guidance and support from me. If you want to jump on my email list, head here!