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Why You Might Be Feeling (or Are) Stuck

Tell me, how often do you feel like you’ve been working so hard, like you’ve been taking the steps and facing the hard stuff, but you’re still feeling stuck? Like no matter what you do, how hard you try, you just can’t seem to catch a break and push past the anxious thoughts, feelings, and panic attacks? Like you have moments where things look and feel promising, but then you’re hit by things that you thought you had already pushed past.

Yup, I get it! I used to feel this way often. And the worst part, and sometimes the most defeating thing, is that you know that it’s not due to a lack of trying. Because every ounce of you wants to heal and you’re giving it everything you’ve got, but you feel at times like it’s just not going to happen. And I can tell you that when I felt this way, you know, stuck… I’d pretty quickly go down the path of convincing myself that I wasn’t doing enough, that I was doing everything or something wrong, or I just wasn’t capable of creating a healthy relationship with anxiety and overcoming panic disorder and agoraphobia! Sound familiar?

If you can relate to any or all of this, I want to help you by shedding some light on some things that you might be missing that will help you to keep moving forward. And I can promise you this, it’s not that you aren’t doing a good job, or that you aren’t trying, or that you aren’t capable of healing, or that you aren’t making progress. There are likely