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Tips for Working Through Self-Doubt

If you struggle with self-doubt, you likely often question yourself, your decisions, and whether or not you’re capable of doing things or becoming the person you want to become.

For me, it often looked like this:

- I can’t overcome anxiety because I’ve been struggling with it for too long.

- I’m not smart enough, brave enough, strong enough, deserving enough, loved enough…

- I’ll never be like that person. I’m just not capable of being calm, at peace, and happy.

- I can’t do that! If I try, it’ll definitely cause a panic attack.

- What if I fail?

- What if I can’t do that thing that I used to be able to do?

- I’m going to be stuck like this forever!

I could go on and on and on!

Self-doubt is something that we all struggle with. But like anxiety, there is such a thing as a healthy amount of it, and you can prevent it from keeping you stuck!

So where does self-doubt come from? Well, it can come from many different areas.

  • Your childhood

  • Past experiences & mistakes

  • Comparison (either with others or with the “old” you)

  • Facing new challenges and feeling uncomfortable

  • Your fears (including the fear of failure or success)

Let me give you some tips that will help you to successfully work through self-doubt AND will get you unstuck!

1. Journaling! I know that this is something that has probably been recommended to you a million times and that’s because it truly works! You don’t need some fancy journal, you just need to dedicate time to sit down and get your thoughts OUT. And you don’t need to make it a daily habit, but journaling even two or three days a week will allow you to clear your mind so that you stop cycling through the thoughts that are ultimately leading to anxiety, panic, and the symptoms. Journaling also helps to reduce stress.

Journaling has helped me to work through fears, big events, experiences, emotions, childhood trauma, relationship trauma, and abuse. Healing from trauma and abuse is hard work, but things like journaling will help you to heal and push forward.

2. Throw away the idea that the old version of you is the best version of you. You will never be the person you were months ago, or years ago, and it’s a good thing! We are all growing, learning, and becoming better versions of ourselves every day. Sure, you might have been able to do things back then that you aren’t able to do now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do those things. You are capable! You just need to put in a little bit of work to get back there. And when you do, you’ll do it better than you ever have before!

Additionally, throw away the idea that other people are somehow better than you or have a better life than you because they aren’t struggling with anxiety, panic, and agoraphobia. Everyone is struggling with something! You might be struggling with anxiety but that doesn’t mean that you can’t live the life you want to live. You are working towards that life and you will live it AS YOU, because YOU are amazing and the world needs you as you are.

3. Remind yourself of the why behind it all. Growing is uncomfortable, but if you don’t grow you will stay stuck. When you are facing new challenges or are feeling uncomfortable, I want you to tell yourself: I am feeling uncomfortable because I am pushing past anxiety, panic, and agoraphobia. This is hard but I am strong, capable, and powerful. If you look at anyone that has done amazing things it’s because they acknowledged the uncomfortability and kept pushing forward regardless. You have the power to do this, too!

4. Don’t convince yourself of lies. You are capable of overcoming all of your fears! I used to convince myself that I just had to accept that I would live with anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia forever. I had so many fears, but this was my biggest underlying fear. The fear that no matter what I did, no matter how many successes I had, I would never overcome my struggles. This was the biggest lie I ever told myself. I am proof that you can overcome it all, AND YOU WILL!

If you haven’t already read my blog post on Exposure Therapy, head there and dive into

the tips that will help you to work through and overcome your fears.

5. Stand in front of the mirror every day and give yourself kind and positive messages. I’m serious! I know that it sounds silly but your brain needs to hear these messages. YOU need to hear these messages. You know how I always say that what you tell yourself is so powerful? Your inner dialogue, what you tell yourself, fuels how you feel as well as what you’re capable of. If you keep telling yourself that you aren’t capable, you will remain stuck.

Here’s the thing, you’re never going to be without self-doubt, but you can and will get to a point in which you are able to stop and acknowledge that you are questioning your capabilities and remind yourself that you have already overcome so much, and that you are capable of making all of your dreams your reality.

You can overcome anxiety, panic, and agoraphobia!

You are smart enough, brave enough, strong enough, deserving enough, loved enough.

You are capable of being calm, at peace, and happy.

You are capable of doing all of the things that you want to do.

You will fail sometimes but that doesn’t ever make you a failure. Failing is making the conscious decision to not push forward.

You will do so many things that you never even imagined you’d do.

You won’t be stuck forever. You are already healing, growing, and pushing past your struggles.

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