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These 3 Things Will Put You on The Path to Overcoming Anxiety & Panic

This is going to sound harsh but I am saying this because I don’t want you to continue to live a life of anxiety and panic.

If you aren’t willing to do these 3 things, you are going to remain stuck.

Whenever I experienced a panic attack, I said I’d do ANYTHING to make it stop, but I was consciously making decisions that made it impossible for me to overcome anxiety and panic. I know that if I had committed, I would have overcome anxiety and panic YEARS before I did.

1. Remove caffeine, alcohol, and other stimulants from your diet

If your first reaction is “heck no, Shannon!” I get it, but stick with me! Caffeine and alcohol are both typically used as stimulants, and if you have anxiety, a stimulant is only going to increase anxiety. Even if you don’t use caffeine with the intention of it boosting your energy, or alcohol to alter your mood, these things will still have unintended consequences.

I used to drink coffee every day. I preferred my coffee black simply because I loved the taste of coffee. And I even drank decaf because regular coffee always made me feel noticeably anxious.