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Therapy Tips for Anxiety Recovery

Therapy is an amazing tool that can help you along your anxiety healing journey. And one of the best parts about therapy is that it’s a tool that can lead to lots of other amazing and helpful tools!

If you’re interested in trying therapy, or if you haven’t had the best experience with therapy in the past, or if you’re in therapy but feel as though you aren’t getting quite as much out of it as you would like, my hope is that the tips I share with you will help you to guide you along your therapy journey so that you can have a positive and (more) helpful experience.

I went to therapy for 10 years. I’ve seen several therapists and psychiatrists, and they all helped me through different seasons of my life. I’ve seen therapists for anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. I’ve also seen therapists for childhood and emotional trauma. I’ve seen a therapist as a teenager for body image issues. I’ve seen therapists to help me heal from my parent’s divorce. And my husband and I have gone to therapy to strengthen our communication and our relationship.

My biggest mistake when I first started going to therapy was that I used to think that by simply showing up, talking, feeling my emotions, and figuring out some of the root causes of my struggles, that was it. And sure, these things are super helpful and are a part of the healing process, but this is truly just the tip of the iceberg per say! Going to therapy is great, but you have to actually show up when you’re there and put in the work inside and (especially) outside of therapy!

Let’s dive into some things that helped