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Susanne Finally Finds Freedom From Panic and Agoraphobia After 16 Years

Meet Susanne! An amazing, creative, and talented woman who took my Panic to Peace program in April of 2022. When we met, Susanne had been struggling with panic disorder and agoraphobia for 15 years. And although she had made loads of progress, she still felt incredibly stuck and was continuing to struggle with the symptoms, panic attacks, and lots of fears.

Fast forward to today, Susanne still can't believe the life she's now living. A life where she no longer carries around a 5 pound bag of "safety" objects with her, or brings her bike with her wherever she goes so that she has a quick escape. A life where she goes to work, travels, and enjoys spending time with her husband and family, all while not being consumed by anxiety, the symptoms, panic, and fear.