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Shyness, Social Anxiety, and Showing Up Scared With Sadie Hall

One of the toughest things about social anxiety is that it's often not talked about, especially by the people who are struggling with it. Struggling with social anxiety can be a really tough and a really isolating journey. And when you add the layers of intense fear, judgment, and shame that often accompanies social anxiety, it can make it really hard to do even everyday things.

Sadie Hall has lots of experience with social anxiety, and she joins me on the podcast to chat about her journey with social anxiety and what she's learned along her recovery journey. And I absolutely love Sadie's approach because she shares openly and honestly what it's like to live with social anxiety, while encouraging and celebrating others for having the courage to show up scared.

Whether you consider yourself shy, introverted, socially anxious, socially awkward, or your own special mix of some or all of the above, you will find this episode to be helpful!