One Easy to Implement Tool Will Help Relieve Anxiety & Panic

When people ask me, what is something I can implement RIGHT NOW that will help to relieve anxiety and panic, I always say positive self-talk! It’s one of my favorite anxiety-relieving tools.

A therapist introduced this tool to me, and although implementing it left me feeling silly and bit awkward, it works!

Your brain has likely been wired to think some really unhealthy, unproductive, and negative thoughts, especially when you’re anxious.

Things like:

  • Why can’t I just stop this from happening?

  • Here we go again, another anxious moment (or panic attack)!

  • This is going to be bad.

  • I don’t know what to do to work through this.

  • I can’t do this!

  • I need to get out of here now before I lose all control.

  • Everyone is probably looking at me and thinking I’m crazy.

  • I suck.

  • I’m always going to be this person.

  • I’m never going to live the life I want to live.

  • I hate this.

  • I hate my life.

So what does giving yourself these negative messages do? It reinforces to your brain that you are incapable, and that this cycle of anxiety and panic will be never-ending. It also causes the mental, emotional, and physical symptoms like sadness, frustration, anger, nausea, chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, and many more… It also depletes your self-confidence!

Let me walk you through how to change this and how to implement positive self-talk.

  1. Make a list of positive messages that you can give yourself every day (feel free to steal my list below)!

  2. Put this list in an area that you will see every day and say these things out loud every single day. Your brain needs to hear them!

  3. Acknowledge when you're giving yourself unhealthy, unproductive, and negative messages, and replace them with positive self-talk!

Yup, it’s that simple to do! And it’s SO powerful.

Your brain will believe whatever you tell it, so you need to make sure that you're giving it positive, productive, and healthy messages. Your brain NEEDS to hear these messages. The more often it hears them, the more it’ll believe them.

And yes, this exercise will likely feel awkward and silly because it’s so new and foreign to you. But giving yourself POSITIVE, healthy, and productive messages should be a practice that everyone does daily.

Using positive self-talk will truly help to rewire your brain so that it doesn’t go straight to the thoughts that lead to anxiety, panic, and the awful symptoms. And it will help increase your self-confidence!

You are capable! Hey, add that one to the list! :)

And in case you prefer a video version, check out some positive self-talk inspiration on Instagram!

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