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Kirsty's Journey to Freedom After 30 Years of Struggling With Panic Disorder & Agoraphobia

Meet Kirsty! Kirsty lives in the UK with her husband and her two children, and she also works outside of her home part-time. And from the outside, it appears as though she lives her life very functionally. But Kirsty has gone through 20+ years of her life in a state of... "I'm okay as long as."

In our conversation, Kirsty shares her challenges with safety behaviors, resisting experiencing panic attacks, getting caught up in her anxious thoughts, and always wanting to feel in control. She also shares her experience in taking Panic to Peace and how it has been "an absolute game changer" for her.

In this episode, we dive into:

- Kirsty's journey with anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia

- How her safety behaviors revolve around her wanting to control how she feels, especially when she's alone (e.g., worrying about feeling lightheaded/faint and so she brings snacks and sugary drinks with her, being attached to her phone so that she can call her husband for help)

- How she's been acknowledging what causes anxiety and panic to pop up for her, and what she's been doing about it

- Some of the steps she's been taking since she completed Panic to Peace

- How she climbed a mountain with her family, which is something that she never would have even imagined herself doing a year ago

- What things are looking like for her today

- Accepting that recovery is a journey

Make sure to tune in and listen to the full episode for all the goodness!


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