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Intrusive Thoughts and What to Do About Them With Lily Sais

Let's be real, intrusive thoughts can be so ICK! They can lead you down paths of...

Whoa... Would I do that? What does this mean? What is wrong with me? I can't be thinking this! I'm so crazy. "Normal" people don't have these thoughts.

And it's not just the thoughts, but it's also the uncomfortable sensations, symptoms, and feelings that they sometimes carry with them.

But I truly believe that when you understand more about your human brain and your response to the thoughts, it really helps to take some of the ick out of them. Because the truth is, we all have intrusive thoughts, because we are human and our brains love to go to some weird places sometimes!

If you're struggling with intrusive thoughts, this episode will be incredibly helpful to you.

In this episode, we dive into:

- What intrusive thoughts are

- Why our brains sometimes get so caught up in trying to do something about these


- How these thoughts don't actually hold any meaning about you or what could/will

happen to you

- Not having an opinion about your thoughts

- How the thoughts can cause some really real feelings and symptoms

- Helpful tips for finding freedom from intrusive thoughts

Make sure to tune in and listen to the full episode for all the goodness!


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