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How Living Minimally Relieves Anxiety

Alright, here’s some truth! I went from buying things without second guessing my decision AT ALL, to now asking myself if I really need whatever the thing is, even if it’s only 2 dollars. I began questioning my spending habits not because of the money that I was spending, but instead, because of how having lots of stuff made me feel. Stick with me!

I got into my car every day and it was full of stuff… I got home from work and there was always stuff everywhere… I would look in my closets and there was stuff crammed into them… I would wake up to pick out an outfit and had to rummage through a closet full of stuff in order to find something to wear… I would set out to find something and spend way longer than I should have to find it…

And then I had this realization… I always felt so good after I cleaned and organized something, whether it be my car, a closet, or my house. But why? Because honestly, I’m not the type of person that gets satisfaction from cleaning.

It was because my mind felt less cluttered and I just felt more free. I learned that clutter and choices were literally causing some of my anxiousness!

It makes sense, right? If your brain is overstimulated by choices, things, and junk, it’s probably not going to feel great or function at its best.

So I slowly began to make some changes that I found relieved anxiety…

Only having what you need and what brings you joy. When I buy something, I first ask myself if it’s a need. If it is a true need, I buy it. If it’s not a need and is a want, I ask myself, will this item bring me joy? I’m not just talking about short-term joy. Yes, it feels good to buy most everything in the moment, but when you put it on, use it, or look at it, is it going to bring you joy every single time? If it will, buy it! And if not, keep on moving!

Buying only what you need and what brings you joy will also help you out financially. And it’ll also help you to play less of the comparison game! When you truly focus on what you need and what brings you joy, you’ll stop focusing so much on what you don’t have, or on what others have that you don’t. And you start caring a whole lot less on what others have because you are content with what you have.

Less decisions is a beautiful thing! I went through my clothes and donated all of the stuff I hadn’t worn (or only wore once or twice) in the past year. I donated 5 bags of clothing! This caused me to see how much stuff I had unnecessarily, how much money I had spent unnecessarily, and how many options I was flooding my brain with each day.

Now, I have roughly 35 articles of clothing (for all seasons, this includes PJ’s)! Let’s just say it makes it much easier to choose my outfits from day to day, and I save a whole lot of time and mental space while choosing outfits. I wear the same clothes on a weekly basis, and I’ve literally never felt better about it! If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably noticed this. Don’t worry, there’s no shame here! And after I did this with my clothing closet, I moved on to all of the other closets and drawers in my house and did the same thing.

Donating is a wonderful thing, and having less will allow you to save time, mental space, and some money!

Home = peace. When my husband and I bought our home, I refused to bring junk with us or buy things that we didn’t need just to fill the house. 4 years later and we still have many empty walls and spaces. And I really, REALLY didn’t want to buy a home with a basement, but the house we purchased has one and so I made my husband promise me that he wouldn’t fill it with junk (we’re doing good so far)!

When you walk into a room, you should feel a sense of calm and peace, and if you don’t, it’s a good hint that you should make some changes. I only put things on the walls that bring me joy and make me smile, I only buy furniture if it serves a purpose, and I use the space I have to do things that bring me joy and happiness.

And the benefits... The less you have in your house or space, the less you have to tidy and clean, saving you time and mental space & clarity. So if you’re currently looking around your home or space and are feeling overwhelmed by your environment, ask yourself what changes you can make. And the next time you think about buying something for your home, ask yourself, does it serve a purpose? Will it bring me joy? Or am I just buying it to fill a space? Remember, your mental space is so important!

If you struggle with anxiety, panic, or agoraphobia, here’s why you should dig into minimalism:

- It’ll help to reduce anxiety, overwhelm, worry, and overstimulation.

- It’ll free up your brain to focus on the things you should and want to be focused on.

- It’ll give you more time and energy to spend on what’s important to you, things like spending time with family and friends, improving your mental health, and doing things that bring you happiness and joy!

- It’ll make you very grateful for what you do have.

- It’ll make you care a whole lot less about materialistic things that don’t really add any value to your life.

- It’ll save you money! And the less financial worries you have, the less stress and anxiety about your finances you’ll have.

- It’ll help you to break some unhealthy habits and give you time to practice healthy ones!

- It’ll help you to learn and understand who you are and what you’re passionate about.

Sure, having nice things is nice, but having a few things that truly bring you joy is much better than having a bunch of things that you feel indifferent to.

I’ll leave you with this thought...

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