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Anxiety Recovery - Taking Action With Small (Healthy) Steps!

Alright, let's talk small steps!

If you've been following me for any amount of time you already know that I believe that there is so much power in the small steps.

When we're working to recover, we're often looking for the big things that will help us to get there. And not just the big things, but we're often seeking out the one thing that will do it. For example, once I find the medication that will help me... Or, once I find the tool that will work.

And although medication can be super helpful, and is for many people, it's not the long-term (and only) solution. And unfortunately there isn't one magical tool that's going to lead to the healing you're seeking. I know how easy it is to fall into this way of thinking because I fell into this trap so many times! I felt so desperate, and tired, and sick of struggling. I would think, There has to be something that I'm missing. There has to be something that will work that I haven't tried. And having this mindset is what kept me stuck for so long.

It's truly about consistently taking small (healthy) steps! The small steps are what helps you to change your