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Anxiety Recovery - 12 Reasons Why You Might Be Feeling (Or Are) Stuck

Do you ever feel like you’ve been working so hard but you’re continuing to struggle with anxiety, panic, or agoraphobia? I used to have this thought nearly every day! And I’d feel so frustrated because I knew that I was trying, but sometimes it just felt like no matter how hard I pushed or whatever I tried didn’t actually help.

If you can relate to all of this, I’ve got you! Let me share some helpful, and some actionable items that you can use that will help you to feel less stuck, and will help you to actually get unstuck!

01. You're pushing yourself, but not in a healthy way. Rest is a part of the recovery journey. Constantly pushing yourself isn’t going to help you to heal more quickly. In fact, constantly pushing yourself tends to slow your healing. And this is because rest is a huge part of recovery. Your mind and body needs rest in order to heal. Resting doesn’t erase any progress, and it doesn’t lead to setbacks. Take time to rest.

02. You’re convincing yourself that you aren’t making any progress when you actually are. This is a big one. The anxiety recovery journey is a hard one, and unfortunately there aren’t many moments where you experience instant relief, or even relief that consistently sticks around. This is why it’s so important to celebrate all of your wins, big and small. Because no matter how big or small the win is, it is helping you to reach your goals. This means taking time to actually celebrate your wins and recognize how far you’ve come. Celebrating your wins