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Coping Skills for Anxiety Disorders - Are They Helpful? With Joshua Fletcher

You might be wondering... Are coping skills 'okay' to use when you're working to recover from anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia? Better yet, are they actually helpful?

Josh and I have both struggled with panic and agoraphobia and we have similar views on coping skills. So I sat down with Josh, former sufferer and therapist, to discuss coping skills and whether or not they're actually helpful.

In this episode, Josh and I dive into:

- What coping skills are

- When coping skills can be helpful and unhelpful

- How ice cubes maybe aren't the answer

- What you're teaching your brain when you used coping skills for disordered anxiety

- Josh explains a final challenge he gives people struggling with agoraphobia

- Helpful tips to willfully tolerate anxiety

And a bit of a spoiler alert... In this episode, Josh shares:

"The reason why coping mechanisms for disordered anxiety don't work, is that the whole point of overcoming disordered anxiety is to teach the threat response that anxiety itself is not danger."

Make sure to tune in and listen to the full episode to soak up all of the helpful knowledge, practical tips, and tools!


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