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Stop struggling to figure out how to overcome the symptoms, panic, and fears, and join me in this free class where I share 3 actionable steps that you can take right now that will lead to lots of anxiety relief and peace!

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So what have people said about this special training?


I’ve had a severe panic and anxiety disorder for a couple years and your training was the first thing I’ve experienced that gave me hope and confidence about healing and my future! You were very informative while being encouraging and I really appreciated that.


I loved how practical the steps were, very realistic and rational and coupled with experiences, it really was an excellent well rounded training!


I love how nonjudgmental and relatable you are. So much of the advice comes from people who are either just starting their healing or are health care professionals who might not always know what it's like (other than what they had read in books). Whereas you are full of knowledge but not a novice in this journey, and yet so kind and understanding and funny.

Ready to heal?

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Get the roadmap that will teach you how to change your relationship with anxiety and push past your anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears.


Shannon Jackson

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