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Panic to Peace: 3 Steps to Leave the Symptoms, Panic, and Fears in the Past and Fast Track Your Way to Peace

The recovery journey is hard, but there are so many tools that will help to make your journey less hard! If you're ready to start pushing past your anxious thoughts, the symptoms, panic, and fears, this training is for you!!

Ready to create a healthy relationship with anxiety? One that doesn't include the symptoms, panic, and fears? One that allows you to experience more peace, joy, and freedom?


Shannon Jackson

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Struggling with toilet anxiety - aka the fear of not being able to make it to a bathroom in time?

Join my live masterclass (with Q&A) on 6/5 and I'll teach you how to say goodbye to this debilitating fear, start saying yes to lots more, and actually live your life without worrying about whether or not a bathroom is nearby!

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