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Overcoming Driving Anxiety

A 6-week course that will help you to overcome driving anxiety and experience lots more peace and freedom in cars and on public transportation (& in life in general)!


You're tired of this...

- Experiencing anxiety and panic in cars or on public transportation.
- Pulling over, turning around, or avoiding altogether.
- Being worried about being too far from home or a "safe place."
- Avoiding driving in traffic, or on highways, or areas where you've experienced panic before.
- Bailing on plans.
- Mapping out routes and exit strategies.
- Not traveling or going on adventures.
- Always feeling trapped or not safe while in cars or on public transportation.
- Needing somebody with you in order to feel safe.

And you want this...

- Jumping into the car, or onto the train, or plane, without being worried about whether or not you'll panic.

- Doing everyday things, like going to work or dropping off your kids at school without being filled with fear.

- Feeling at peace and safe no matter where you are.

- Being comfortable going places and doing things on your own.

- Never turning down an adventure because of anxiety!

I wanna let you in on something... Overcoming driving anxiety isn’t just about getting in the car or on public transportation and doing exposures, there’s so much more to it!

And this is the stuff that I teach you inside of ODA, because I don't want you to continue to...

  • White-knuckle your way through car rides and life

  • Guess at strategies and wonder what you're missing​ (or what you're doing wrong)

  • Try any and all "solutions," and then feel like you've failed when they don't work

  • Avoid (or feel like you're falling apart when) getting in cars, or on trains, buses, or planes

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Let me tell you what's inside of
Overcoming Driving Anxiety...

Module 01
Why You're Struggling With Driving Anxiety & Where to Start

Because you have to first understand what's causing you to struggle so that you can begin to heal.

I will walk you through:
- Your current reality & contributors
- The anxious response
- Anticipating & avoiding
- Safety objects & behaviors

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Module 02
Changing Your Relationship With Your Thoughts & Feelings

Once you learn how to create a healthy relationship with your thoughts and feelings, you'll start seeing major shifts!

I will walk you through:
- What acknowledging and feeling actually looks like
- What to do with what-if thoughts
- Recognizing stories you're telling yourself & what to do with them
- What to do with intrusive thoughts

Module 03
Tools That Will Support Your Healing

All of the amazing (and practical) tools that will help you to start making some big shifts.

I will walk you through:
- How to practice mindfulness
- Sharing your struggle & Support
- Self-compassion & positive self-talk
- Practicing gratitude

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Module 04
Clarity and Getting You Unstuck

Let's clear up some big misconceptions, and help you to start making some healthy moves.

I will walk you through:
- What to do about the symptoms (& while driving)
- Distraction versus redirection
- Facing your fears
- Creating a plan

Module 05
Recovery Doesn't Happen Without These Basics

What, did you think I'd skip over these things? Your lifestyle choices are a big part of recovery! And you truly don't recovery without these basics.

I will walk you through:
- Stress and self-care
- Relationships
- Diet & exercise
- Sleep

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Module 06
Staying on the Path to Healing

Let's keep you on the path to healing and experiencing lots less anxiety and panic!

I will walk you through:
- What setbacks actually are and how to avoid/move through them
- When to push yourself & when to rest
- How to know when you're healing

Bonus Lesson 01
Tips for Overcoming Airplane Anxiety

Because let's be real, your ambitions go beyond having peace and freedom behind the wheel of a car!

I will walk you through:
- 12 practical and actionable tips for overcoming airplane anxiety

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Bonus Lesson 02
Tips for Overcoming Toilet Anxiety

For many people, driving anxiety and toilet anxiety go hand and hand (this used to be true for me, too!).

I will walk you through:
- 12 practical and actionable tips for overcoming toilet anxiety

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"While Overcoming Driving Anxiety was specific to driving, much of what I learned will help me in other anxiety-inducing situations in my life. After completing the course, I've noticed a boost in confidence, a more mindful daily routine, and I don't have to guess at strategies anymore or go at this alone. I feel equipped with new tools and resources to help me begin healing."

- Coeli


And because I want to make your journey to peace and freedom as easy as possible... Here's what you get:
- The complete Overcoming Driving Anxiety program + all bonuses (Value: $1,247)
- Live Q&A and check-in calls with me (Value: $600)
- A 54 page workbook (Value: $97)
- Access to me and to others who are on a similar journey as you in the AHP Community Facebook group.
- & Add on a one-on-one session with me for $97 (Value: $147)

I keep things simple and practical because I know how overwhelming the recovery journey can be.

Overcoming Driving Anxiety provides you with all of the knowledge and tools that will make your healing journey less long and less hard!

And as soon as you join, you get instant (and lifetime) access to all of the modules, tools, action steps, workbook, and any items I add in along the way!


Self-paced course

4 Monthly Payments of $89


Self-paced course

A One-Time Payment of  $297

Your purchase is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee (see terms).

Q: What if I'm just different and I can't recover?

A: Trust me, I get it! You're scared. You’re scared that you’re going to spend the rest of your life struggling with anxiety, and you’re probably really frustrated and maybe even angry about it. And this is a big reason why I created ODA, because I don't want you to struggle as long and as hard as I did, because you don't have to.


Recovery is absolutely possible, and not just for me. It's possible for you, too! And just because you can’t see that it’s all possible for you right now, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

If you haven't already, I want you to read my story. And I want you to read the testimonials on this page. You aren't an exception, my friend. You are capable of living a beautiful life that is full of peace, joy, freedom, and adventure, and you deserve to!

So who am I to be teaching you how to overcome driving anxiety?

Well, I struggled with driving anxiety for over 10 years! Nearly every time I stepped foot into a car, bus, train, plane, boat, and the list goes on, I experienced anxiety and panic!

And although I say I struggled with driving anxiety, it really had nothing to do with driving. Instead, it was the fear of experiencing the symptoms, panic, and fear while being "stuck" or "trapped" in any mode of transportation. Anxiety and fear truly sat in driver's seat and made all of the decisions.

Fast forward to today... I no longer avoid driving far from home, or on highways, or going on long road trips. I no longer map out routes and worry about being too far from a "safe" place. And panic? I no longer experience it, nor do I fear it!

And I want to help you to do the same!

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