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I grew up in a small town in Maine, and although I said I'd always leave the beautiful state that I was born in and never come back, I now live 5 minutes from the town that I grew up in!

I absolutely live for adventure! Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and traveling to amazing places with my husband and daughter, are just a few of the things that I love.

But my life used to look very different than it does today!


I used to struggle to leave my house every day. And whenever I stepped foot into a car, I'd experience a panic attack. I was consumed by the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, and my fears (although silly to most) were very real and very scary.

Just to shed light on a few of my fears: Getting sick in public, passing out, dying, not being in control/being trapped, and going crazy.

That smile and joy, it's genuine! I'm finally living the life I've always wanted to live but thought wasn't possible. Guys, it is possible! You are capable!


Roles I thought I'd never play


I put in a lot of hard work to get to where I am today! Heck, I thought I'd never be married, let alone have a child!


Adam and I have been married for 4 years and together for 10. And our sweet and wild daughter, Amelia, is 3-years-old.

So what was the magic thing that helped me to overcome it all? ME! Yup, I had the magic in me all along (and so do you!).

I went to therapy. I read all of the books and listened to all of the podcasts. I educated myself on what I was struggling with. I soaked up every tip, tool, and resource that I could. And I did the work!

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So how can I help you?

I don't want you to accept that you have to live with anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia, because you don't have to!


I will teach you all of the tools that will help you to overcome your intrusive thoughts, your symptoms, your fears, and panic attacks!


Don't get me wrong, you have to do the work, but I will help you along that way so that you have the support and tools you need!

The life you are dreaming of and working so hard for IS possible! You just need the tools and a little push to help you get there!


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